#RevCon13 – Mobile Applications & Online Project Management

Revelation Software 2013 Conference LogoFor the third and final breakout session of this first full day at Revelation’s 2013 conference in Nashville, TN, we are heading back online for two sessions to be presented by Hank Huizinga and Don Bakke.

Mobile Applications, Both from a Technology and Application Point of View
Hank Huizinga (Megamation)
Megamation has been in the SaaS market since 1998 and the organisation provides a Procurement and Work Management system which is utilised throughout a number of markets.  Within those selected markets, Megamation’s client base use the software to efficiently distribute information via mobile devices and the organisation has been working with Revelation to optimise the various Tablets and Handheld devices using the O4W toolset.

During his presentation, Hank will discuss the various steps and miss-steps that they took in developing their mobile solution.  He will also share the concepts that they believe are required for the future implementation of a Mobile solution using O4W.

Project Management Ain’t for Sissies
Don Bakke (SRP Computer Solutions)
As Don says, “Let’s face it.  Programmers would rather write code than write documents.  It’s okay, you are among friends.  Just admit it.  Commenting code, creating help manuals, and preparing proposals is not the type of activity that tempts you to stay up long past midnight when you ought to be getting long overdue beauty rest”.

The same can be said for Project Management.  It is just one of those necessary “evils” that every programmer should be doing, but which most programmers put off till tomorrow, and we all know when tomorrow comes – Never or when someone higher up the food chain puts the boot in.

Fortunately, there are various online tools that can greatly simplify this chore and provide programmers with more time doing what they do best, writing code.  Better still, the choices out there include some free and low cost options.

During this presentation, Don will demonstrate several of the resources that his team at SRP use to manage their projects, handle support tickets and to collaborate on assignments.  These inexpensive tools can be used by any sized development shop to improve the quality of their work and to present a highly professional operation to their clients – something that can often help to set your organisation apart from your competition.


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