#RevCon13 – Put your data to work and Package Management

Revelation Software 2013 Conference LogoAs today’s breakout sessions draw to an end there is just time for a presentation from Mary Jean Blink and Bob Cloney and they will be up against another double act, this time Andrew McAuley and Aaron Kaplan.

Put Your Data to Work
Mary Jean Blink and Bob Cloney (Elite Spice)
Any business application designer should recognise that time is one of the most costly, yet frequently overlooked, expense incurred by business.  Once the value of time is lost, it will never be recaptured.

Business data is an invaluable commodity that is collected and stored in large quantities.  However, time consuming processes are often required before data can be abstracted into relevant business information.  We are challenged to deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time…IMMEDIATELY!!!

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does your business or client struggle to manage multi-valued relational data and transform data into meaningful business information?
  2. Have you considered how much time is lost to retrieving and processing data before truly valuable information can be presented to and analysed by your application’s users?
  3. Are you concerned about the performance of your application on a network and across the cloud using O4W?
  4. Do you fear using relational indexes and have you heard that you should never put a Btree index on a symbolic?

This presentation will aim to dispel the myths and put your data to work using a strategic combination of relational indexes, Btree indexes and practical user interfaces.

During the presentation, Mary Jean and Bob will present a demonstration of the methods and techniques to abstract real business data into valuable and timely business information.

Package Management in OpenInsight
Andrew McAuley and Aaron Kaplan (Sprezzatura)
Many Revelation developers have been working with OpenInsight for a good number of years and they have a wealth of tools and utilities to manage and to include in robust system deployments.

During this presentation, the Sprezzatura team will explain how package management has helped to manage their plethora of tools to create consistent deployments without accidentally reverting entities.

Package management allows for the generation of deployments ensuring that the correct software versions are always deployed.  In addition to the thorough discussion that you have come to expect from a Sprezzatura presentation, Andrew and Aaron will also be demonstrating the organisation’s in-house tool which now manages and creates all of Sprezzatura’s software distributions.

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