#Revcon13 – Speed Matters and ARev32

Revelation Software 2013 Conference LogoThe second set of breakout sessions for today see Mike taking a second presentation for today and Stefano will be tackling a topic that is important for all software developers.

Speed Matters
Stefano Cavaglieri (Fonoteca Nazionale Svizzera)
Everyone is familiar with the benefits of speed, in particular when it comes to processing larger amounts of data, but there is more than that.

During this presentation, Stefano will give a brief explanation of the purposes and then he will dig into a number of coding techniques, all rigorously written in OpenInsight’s Basic+, aimed to perform faster.  He will step through some of the code snippets published in 2006 on International Spectrum by Mike Ruane, then he will have a closer look at some highly optimized code snippets written for solving specific issues at Fonoteca.

He will then round of this presentation by analysing some code written for various aspects of a word game.  All of the source code will be shown, executed, benchmarked, compared, and discussed.

Making the move to ARev32
Mike Ruane (Revelation)
The enduring nature of Advanced Revelation applications means that there are still countless individuals and organisations who rely on their DOS based ARev systems day in and day out.  All too often these are mission critical systems and organisations would suffer if the system was lost for more than a few short hours.

If your application is still running in ARev or RevG, you are at the mercy of Microsoft updates as to whether the next update to Windows will disable your application. Several of my clients had a real scare recently following a Windows XP update and some of those organisations hurriedly tried to back out of the upgrade when their found their ARev systems crippled.

In this session, Mike will describe the process of moving an ARev application from DOS to Arev32 and ensuring your application will be running for years to come on modern operating systems.

Whether you are at conference or just following the proceedings through my blog, Facebook, or whatever AND you are still running an ARev or RevG DOS based system, don’t leave things to chance.  Call or email me today to discuss the things that you need to be concerned about and your options going forward.

PLEASE, don’t leave it until that morning when you have no system and you enter into full on panic mode.  Many ARev systems are over 25 years old and RevG systems are even older.  Isn’t it time to consider upgrading to something a little more modern, flexible and supportable going forward?

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