#RevCon13 – Final Day and it’s O4W

Revelation Software 2013 Conference LogoThis morning the Revelation Software 2013 conference schedule will be dedicated to the amazing (OK, I’m more that a little biased) O4W.  This easy to use web technology has proved to, yet again, be a highlight of the conference and it will feature highly on the ‘must find out more’ lists of those developers and users that have made it to Nashville for the conference.

Following on the training session earlier in the week, Bob Catalano and Bryan Shumsky will dedicate this morning’s session to Building Mobile Applications with O4W.

In this three hour training session, Bryan will build on what developers learned at the O4W Programming Practices session earlier this week and attendees will learn the specific design considerations and techniques needed to create mobile web applications using O4W.  Basic+ programming experience and familiarity with the powerful O4W APIs is recommended for this session.

With mobile applications becoming more and more important to businesses and individuals, this will be one hot, HOT, topic to close out the technciual side of this years highly educational conference.

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