#RevCon13 – Final Posting

Revelation Software 2013 Conference LogoI promise that this will be the final blog entry from me with regards to this years amazing Revelation Software 2013 Conference in Nashville.

Following another mammoth O4W tutorial session with Bryan, Mike took to the stand one last time to close out the conference. The highlights of his talk included:

  1. A thank you to everyone that took the time to attend this year’s conference and to those who gave the presentations. He also thanked Billy Kirsch for a very      entertaining keynote address which resulted in Revelation’s very own song – check out the conference highlight video.
  2. The Mixer evening (replacing the Vendor Fair) was a great success with at least 8 laptops open and information being shared. This appears to have been a much more casual event enjoyed by all.
  3. The conference included over 5 hours of O4W content and most of that being tuition based.  Mike hinted at the ‘possibility’ of some of the O4W content being published online for conference attendees or in the WORKS area.
  4. OpenInsight 9.4 will be the main priority on the return to the office, as well as OI 10 and the removal of the last traces of Notes from the website. The Notes content is largely (if not completely) being replaced with O4W content.
  5. Plenty of fun was had by all during the conference. This included the keynote address and the evening out. Mixed with alot of technical content and learning and this conference has proven to be another huge success and rewarding for all who attended.
  6. Finally, Mike did not give a date for the next conference but asked for some feedback on the current conference and whether people would like another on in 12 or 18months time. With everyone’s training budgets being stretched and the cost of conference venues and the associated bits and pieces, Mike is looking for some guidance on timescales from those of you that hope to attend the next conference.

I think that the cat is out of the bag and, for personal reasons; I was not personally able to make it to the conference this time. However, I fully intend to be at the next one and it looks like I missed a lot of very good stuff at this year’s event. Hopefully these blog postings will have helped to underline what the Revelation Conferences are all about and I hope that you will be able to join me and the Revelation team at the next Revelation Software Conference whenever and wherever it is to be held.

Finally, I’d like to congratulate Nancy and her team on a great job, well done.

One thought on “#RevCon13 – Final Posting

  1. >> ‘possibility’ of some of the O4W content being published online for conference attendees or in the WORKS area.

    If there is more information we need to know about an RTI product, then we need to be told it [no brainer]

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