Improving throughput in OpenInsight

As I am non-technical, it is always nice to receive some technical information from around the Revelation community. Revelation often shares things with me, but there is a wealth of technical knowledge and information out there in the community. I watch many of the blogs but a heads up is always useful and Martin Drenovac from Powerforce recently contacted me with a very useful tip:


Martyn good evening

Just reading your blogs and OI pointing to the use of cacheing – we’ve recently started to refactor some portions of our system to use rtp65 as a means of improving throughput.

And internally we use the web to document our own code / specs – and I wonder whether this article (not yet complete), might be a useful example to put into the OI community.

Please note that it’s not fully written up just yet.

Martin Drenovac
Powerforce Software P/L

OpenInsight 10 and the next UK RUG

OpenInsight 10 taskbar progress bars
OpenInsight 10 taskbar progress bars

Another very nice feature has just been written into the OI 10 release and one that many OpenInsight developers will no doubt be keen to exploit.  One of the most useful features introduced with the Windows 7 taskbar was the ability to display progress information directly on your forms taskbar button.  From OpenInsight 10, developers will be able to include this lovely feature in their applications through two brand new WINDOW properties.You can find full details about this new feature, including screen shots of the different coloured progress bars on the Building OpenInsight 10 blog.

EMEA RUG – Please also add Wednesday 25th September into your diary.  Mike will be over from the USA that week and as usual I intend to host a RUG for our EMEA client base.  The venue is likely to be at the Hilton in Ealing.  For those of you that have stayed in the Ramada in Ealing, it is the same place.  I am yet to fully formalise the agenda, but I am hoping that Mike will undertake his usual address (state of the company, current and future developments, etc.).  Hot on the heels of the roaring success in the States, I am hoping that Carl will share many of the new features that he has been working hard on for the OpenInsight 10 project.

Remember – Wednesday 25th September – If you are an OpenInsight Developer, an OpenInsight User or a MultiValue developer using D3, U2 or QM, this is one event that you’ll want to make sure that you attend.

As usual the day will be free of charge to attend, but places are likely to be limited to 25 people, so please contact me to reserve your place on this key Revelation EMEA event.

A new O4W related blog goes live

Check out David Sigafoos’ blog on his Adventures in Revelation’s O4W

Following his trip to the Revelation Conference, David has been encouraged to emerse himself in the world of O4W and I’m really pleased to note that he has decided to blog his journey for us to follow, learn and share in his achievements.

David says, “With this blog I hope to show the care and feeding of O4W from OpenInsight.  Knowledge of OpenInsight will be very helpful to follow along … and if you
are already very knowledgeable in O4W you might just pass this by.  I will be learning O4W 2.0 along the way … warts, mistakes and all.  Although I have done web page programming with PHP with connections to MySql and OpenInsight data I do not pretend to be a web designer by any means.  This will be more a how to setup and get some stuff done. Hopefully for the uninitiated and those that couldn’t get to the conference.

Please  Click Here to visit David’s blog and please subscribe to one of the RSS feeds to keep up to date with his journey.

Increasing Application Performance

Did you know…

Application performance is key to modern systems and everyone needs to achieve more, in a faster and faster timeframe and with greater efficiency.  Alot can be achieved through a system healthcheck (hardware and code reviews), the UD4.7 can be fully utilised and other things.

However,  storing frequently accessed values in memory, rather than on disk is a technique for improving your applications performance.  One useful tool is an in-memory hashtable, also known as key/value storage.  The hashtable lets you write a value to a key and read it later.  Several OpenInsight tools offer to help you hold values in memory, but each tool has strengths and weaknesses – so how do you know which tool to use in which situation.

To find out more, Click Here to review Revelation’s Technical Bulletin on OpenInsight In Memory Hashtables.

OpenInsight 9.4 Beta update

Progress on the OpenInsight version 9.4 beta is going well with some useful feedback from our testers around the world.  Revelation continue to work on the reported issues and they have just released the third beta in the cycle.  This can be downloaded from the usual beta download location if you are on the beta program.

The company hopes to have the final beta out very soon.