A new O4W related blog goes live

Check out David Sigafoos’ blog on his Adventures in Revelation’s O4W

Following his trip to the Revelation Conference, David has been encouraged to emerse himself in the world of O4W and I’m really pleased to note that he has decided to blog his journey for us to follow, learn and share in his achievements.

David says, “With this blog I hope to show the care and feeding of O4W from OpenInsight.  Knowledge of OpenInsight will be very helpful to follow along … and if you
are already very knowledgeable in O4W you might just pass this by.  I will be learning O4W 2.0 along the way … warts, mistakes and all.  Although I have done web page programming with PHP with connections to MySql and OpenInsight data I do not pretend to be a web designer by any means.  This will be more a how to setup and get some stuff done. Hopefully for the uninitiated and those that couldn’t get to the conference.

Please  Click Here to visit David’s blog and please subscribe to one of the RSS feeds to keep up to date with his journey.


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