OpenInsight 9.4 Released

Hopefully those of you in the WORKS program and on the OpenInsight 9.4 beta program will have noticed that the latest release of OpenInsight was published to the website a few days ago. Things have been manic here and I’m only just finding the time away from sales tasks to update my blog and other tasks.

Ahead of the anticipated version 10 that they guys are feverously working on, this latest release sees a whole collection of fixes across the tool-set. The 9.4 readme details them all, but some of the highlights include:

Editor ++ / Basic+
Improved the capability to pint a program listing with keywords colourised.

General Fixes
There are 17 listed fixes in the general category, including fixes in RList, RTI_MD5 and RTI_SHA1.  TB_CHILD has been fixed to sort MVBFS and SQLBFS columns correctly.  There are also fixes to RTP27 to load VERB1 items correctly and to ATTACH_TABLE and RTP49 to remove an issue where the volume control location was not updating correctly.  Other fixes include the RTI_OS_DIRECTORY ‘directory’ parameter so that when it returns from the call it does not drop the ending backslash on the path (if entered).  The final fix listed in this category sees a reported bug in the password validation when opening a non-UTF8 application from a UTF8 application fixed.

The release also includes added support for RTI_CRC32 to implement RTI_Crypto CRC21 and RTI_SHA256 has also been added.  RTI_CRYPTO has been enhanced to support the CRC32, HEX_SHA256 and RANDOM methods.  Other additions include a wrapper around the ShellexecuteEX process.  Similar to Shellexecute, this new function launches an external program but it also returns a process handle which can be used to test for the exit status.  Likewise, a wrapper around the Windows API getexitcodesprocess now enables a test to be made to see if the process that was launched is still running.  Lastly, a new dictionary item has been added for the SYSTASKS table and which is used by the RTI_TASKMANAGER.

Finally, RTI_TASKMANAGER, RTI_TASK_SUBMIT and RTI_TASKSTARTUP have all been modified to prevent any runaway processes.

This release sees just one fix to address an issue with the WMF option on init command.

ARev32 continue to be an important part of the OpenInsight tool-set because more and more ARev users are finding it harder and harder to keep their old legacy systems running on new equipment.  This release sees a fix to address an issue where Export is not clearing out the file on a second pass and there have been modifications to fix dictionaries with inserts.  Two further enhancements have been made to the printing capabilities in ARev32.

Report Builder
I still see the new Banded Report Writer as the key reporting tool in OpenInsight, but for those of you still using the old Report Builder, Revelation have included a small fix to address an issue with displaying duplicate columns.

Engine Server
The engine server has been generally enhanced to improve stability and to support the UTF8 mode.

All enhancements and new features this time.  Firstly, an enhancement has been made to allow for the switching between persistent sockets and standard sockets.  The PHP routine has been rearranged to put user-configurable settings at the top of the routine.  Three additions see, optional specifications of connection timeout and of error log (so that any errors will be recorded in addition to them being returned to the user) and Revelation have added the ‘mapping’ of upload directory to Windows path (if the use ris running on a Linux server).

This wonderful web technology continues to dominate the fixes and new features list, many changes being the result of more and more people turning to O4W for their solutions and requesting enhancements and new features.  With 35 listed items I will not go into a long list here.  The readme has full details for those of you currently using O4W – there is bound to be something in there for you.

The .NET support in OpenInsight 9.4 includes the ability to optionally communicate with OpenInsight in UTF8 mode.  The server object will now provide public values for ourF<, ourVM, ourSVM and ourTM that are appropriate to ANSI or UTF8 mode.  the Utility object has also been enhanced to support a getSyetemDelimiter method, which (when passed a delimiter number and ANSI/UTF8 flag) it returns the proper system delimiter.

Banded Report Writer
The reporting tools see enhanced support for OpenInsight’s UTF8 mode and there are various unspecified bug fixes which have also been included in this release.

So, still a point release as we await the major release 10, but there is still lot of new and exciting changes in 9.4 that should have all of our OpenInsight WORKS members logging into the website for the download.  On that subject, Revelation have been doing some work on the online system with regards to requesting installation keys.  My access worked fine but if you have any problem please contact your usual Revelation representative and we will check out your WORKS record i the system to make sure you are registered for the correct serial number, etc.

I hope that you enjoy the new release and role on version TEN!!!!!

OI 9.4 Beta

Revelation has finally posted what they believe to be the final beta of 9.4.  The company will wait for the registered beta testers to download the new beta, test it, and report on any outstanding bugs that can be closed out.

Revelation expect to release 9.4 officially on, or around,  June 15th.

Thanks very much for your help, support, time and testing. We really appreciate it.