Quote of the day…

It’s not often that I choose a quote of the day to post here but this morning’s quote is a key reminder of why I continue to evangelise MultiValue technologies and Revelation’s OpenInsight specifically.  During an email exchange about moving an old system to a new 64-bit server, i received the following as part of one of those emails:

“It’s a system that was created well before my time here (over 10 years ago) and I think it’s been a case of ‘it ain’t broke so why fix it’.  Apart from a minor change when we moved it from NT4 to Windows 2000 many many years ago, I think it’s remained untouched by IT!”

If that is not a good reason to take a look at OpenInsight, I really don;t know what is – practically zero support cost for an OpenInsight system over a decade period, beat that!!!



Building a Mobile Application with O4W

Over the last few months Revelation have run three articles which expand on my basic O4W Introduction Tutorials and they discuss Revelation Software’s O4W web development toolkit from more of a developers point if view.  The series of articles has looked at how the O4W toolset has evolved since its introduction to support mobile devices.

O4W is built upon jQuery Mobile, an open source community supported framework, to provide a device independent user interface that is appropriate for the ‘mobile computing environment’, with all of the differences that entails from the traditional ‘desktop computing environment’.

In Part 1, Revelation demonstrated how developers can quickly and easily create a simple display form using the O4W APIs.  Part 2 took the same routine and enhanced it to provide more interactivity, user input and advanced interface elements.

In the concluding Part 3 of the series of articles, Bryan takes a look at how developers can process the entered user data and create a nice user experience over the web.


OI 9.4 Workstation Installation

Yesterday, I wrote about a knowledge-base article that explains the correct method for removing the clientsetup.exe files from a workstation.  To compliment that posting, this one will look at the OI 9.4 Workstation Installation.

Each workstation that accesses an OpenInsight 9.x application requires several libraries and supporting MSI packages to be installed on the workstation using the clientsetup.exe program which is located in the main OpenInsight directory when OpenInsight is installed.

There are a couple of methods to deploy the ClientSetup.exe program on one or more workstations, including manual installation and also an automated silent installation from a script.  The knowledge-base article below explores those options.


OI 9.x Client Setup Removal Tool

Those of you that have made the move to OpenInsight 9.x will know that workstations running 9.x and later are required to run the clientsetup.exe program to install several client-side tools that are required for OpenInsight to operate correctly.

Each version of OpenInsight has a matching version of the clientsetup.exe,  However, only one version of the client setup tools should be installed at any one time.  Sometimes during troubleshooting or version upgrades it is necessary to completely remove all of the client setup components.  The script provided in the knowledge-base article linked below provides a through and fast method to remove all of the client setup components from a workstation.


New Revelation Website Planned

Those of you that receive Revelation’s e-newsletter will have recently learned that the old Notes based website will shortly be replaced with a new site.  The makeover is long overdue and this is mainly due to the old site being written in Lotus Notes.  The resulting makeover project has therefore been quite an undertaking and by the time the guys have completed the site an enormous amount of work will be undertaken to re-write and update years and years of existing content.

The new site will be rewritten using Joomla as the framework and RevUS hope to have the site up and running within the next month or two.

The UK website is also due a content review but, after talking to a number of people, the look and feel is liked by most of our visitors with sales and marketing based content being easily found and I therefore plan to keep it for the time being.