Building a Mobile Application with O4W

Over the last few months Revelation have run three articles which expand on my basic O4W Introduction Tutorials and they discuss Revelation Software’s O4W web development toolkit from more of a developers point if view.  The series of articles has looked at how the O4W toolset has evolved since its introduction to support mobile devices.

O4W is built upon jQuery Mobile, an open source community supported framework, to provide a device independent user interface that is appropriate for the ‘mobile computing environment’, with all of the differences that entails from the traditional ‘desktop computing environment’.

In Part 1, Revelation demonstrated how developers can quickly and easily create a simple display form using the O4W APIs.  Part 2 took the same routine and enhanced it to provide more interactivity, user input and advanced interface elements.

In the concluding Part 3 of the series of articles, Bryan takes a look at how developers can process the entered user data and create a nice user experience over the web.



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