Quote of the day…

It’s not often that I choose a quote of the day to post here but this morning’s quote is a key reminder of why I continue to evangelise MultiValue technologies and Revelation’s OpenInsight specifically.  During an email exchange about moving an old system to a new 64-bit server, i received the following as part of one of those emails:

“It’s a system that was created well before my time here (over 10 years ago) and I think it’s been a case of ‘it ain’t broke so why fix it’.  Apart from a minor change when we moved it from NT4 to Windows 2000 many many years ago, I think it’s remained untouched by IT!”

If that is not a good reason to take a look at OpenInsight, I really don;t know what is – practically zero support cost for an OpenInsight system over a decade period, beat that!!!




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