In Development – OI GIT

OpenInsight Git is an interface from OpenInsight to the Git source code management system.

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

You can read more about Git on its web site at

OpenInsight Git has been designed to be as transparent as possible.  There are rules that you will need to follow, but for the most part there are many benefits to using source code management software like:

1. Backup of your source code
2. Version control
3. Change control
4. Collaboration with developers remote to your location

OpenInsight Git’s philosophy is simple.  It mirrors your OpenInsight source code, stored procedures, windows, messages, help, etc. as text files in Windows directories.  From there, the Git source code management system (SCM) does the rest.

Did You Know – OECGI3 Failover & Load Balancing.

Did you know……That OECGI3 supports Failover and Load Balancing modes.  These modes make OECGI3 a more robust connection object and allows for extra capacity and/or redundancy to be added to a web application.  The OECGI3 registry setting, MultipleServers, controls whether OECGI3 operates in Failover or Load Balancing mode.

MultipleServers = 0 sets Failover mode
MultipleServers = 1 sets Load Balancing mode

Multiple URL’s and Port’s are entered as comma delimited fields into the ServerURL and ServerPort registry settings.

ServerURL =,
ServerPort = 8088,8089

In Failover mode, you supply OECGI3 with a list of ServerURL’s and ServerPort’s that are available.  OECGI3 attempts to connect to the first ServerURL/ServerPort in the list.  If the connection is unsuccessful then OECGI3 will continue on to the next ServerURL/ServerPort in the list until a successful connection is made.  If all connection attempts fail, then OECGI3 will return the SYSDOWNPAGE page.

In Load Balancing mode, you supply OECGI3 with a list of ServerURLs and ServerPorts that are available.  OECGI3 will randomly choose a ServerURL/ServerPort from the list available, and then attempt to connect to that server.  If the connection fails, OECGI3 will move to the next ServerURL/ServerPort in the list, looping through the list until it is back at the originally selected URL/Port combination, at which point OECGI3 will return the SYSDOWNPAGE page.


RevUS Login panel.
RevUS Login panel.

Those of you that frequent the US website on a daily basis will not have failed to notice that there has been a subtle change – alright a huge change.  The promised makeover has been completed and the site is now live.

The new site has been written using JOOMLA and also incorporates Revelation’s O4W web technology.  Existing users of the previous site should have already received an email with their User Name and temporary Password. Those credentials should be utilized to log into the new either as a WORKS user or a Registered user.  The login panel can be located at the lower left of the screen, which just happened to be off the bottom of the screen on my machine.  Anyone else may become a Registered user by clicking on the Create an account link found on the left panel of the web site.

Please note: If, like me, you were used to clicking on a page and having the site prompt you for a log in, things have changed and you will need to log in before trying to access any of the private areas.   Those of you without WORKS log in details will also no longer be able to access the authorisation key request form and you will need to contact me if you are in the EMEA region for the time being.