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Wow, has it really been a month since I wrote anything for the blog?  Things have been pretty busy at RevUK over the last few weeks, with some more ARev systems coming out of the woodwork as people make plans for the removal of XP support early in 2014.  There have also been some clients exploring new markets and new ways of delivering their systems and this has lead to discussions about web and mobile based applications, hosting and running SAAS style.  O4W is therefore getting more interest and it’s not just from within the Revelation community.

Anyway, the recent Revelation newsletter was circulated and I thought it best to blog some of the articles in that newsletter.  If you are a WORKS subscriber and receive the newsletter, then this and the next few blog postings will either reinforce those messages, act as a reminder to check out the good stuff available to you, or you can simply hit that delete button and get back to the day job.

So, for the first article in the newsletter:

Promoted Events and the Repository
One of the most powerful programming features of OpenInsight is the “Promoted Event” model, allowing you to write “global” event handing code that can be triggered for a variety of situations, such as for all objects of a certain type, or for all objects in an application, and so on. This helps to centralize your code base and restrict unnecessary duplication, thereby making development faster and more robust.

However, promoted events have also been one of the most opaque parts of the system and their use is somewhat awkward and error-prone because they rely on the dark art of naming conventions and manual record copying between tables. In an effort to rectify this, we have integrated them into the OpenInsight Repository so they can be tracked properly and you can see at a glance exactly what is in your system.

To read more of Carl Pates’ OpenInsight 10 blog, “News and notes from the bleeding edge of Revelation Software development”, click HERE.


One thought on “OpenInsight Promoted Events

  1. David Tod Sigafoos

    Yes, promoted events are to the UI what MFS (modified filing system) is to the datatables. The looks of what Carl is doing to bring it more mainstream is very promising

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