Online OI resources.

I hope that my various online exploits help to evangelise and promote OpenInsight and the Multivalue technology more generally.  My resources are designed to provide a mix of news, insight, technical and other topical postings.

You will no doubt have picked up a few of my blog postings about Sprezzatura’s  highly technical blog and which is available from their website and Carl has been collating his exploits with OpenInsight 10 in his blog (Building OpenInsight 10) dedicated to the changes in the new release.

However, I was recently reminded that SRP also have a strong online presence with a number of very useful technical resources for anyone developing with OpenInsight.  Some of the links that they maintain are copied below with a brief explanation as to what they provide.

In the interests of sharing technical and product information, I would like to remind all of you who are working with Revelation’s tools that I am keen to use this blog as a central repository for sharing your news, technical tips and ideas, etc.  Of course, the Revelation discussion forums will remain king amongst sharing specific information about getting over problems and working through them as a community, but please use this blog as a vehicle to share some of your more light hearted moments, your successes and anything that is Revelation related.



  • SRP Wiki – This is the home of the SRP download page. The SRP wiki is SRP’s dedicated resource home for all things Revelation.
  • SRP Blog – SRP’s blog is called ‘The SRP Update’.  Like their Wiki, the blog is dedicated to the Revelation community and it features a link for people to subscribe for future updates.
  • SRP Newsletter – SRP’s newsletter is called ‘The SRP Review’.  This is a new publication for 2013 and it features quarterly editions.  Watch out for their next release coming very soon.
  • SRP Forum – SRP receive many questions regarding the companies products as well as general OpenInsight issues.  This resource provides SRP with a central forum to discuss the company’s commercial products.  The forum can also be used to ask and obtain answers to OpenInsight technical issues, but it is not seen as a replacement to the main Revelation forums on
  • Facebook and Twitter Pages – SRP have dived head long into the world of social media and they maintain a presence on both Facebook and Twitter.  As is the way with social media, much of the information is duplicated across the various resources, but this does enable you to pick your chosen delivery vehicle.

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