The blog postings just keep coming

With postings from Carl regarding OI 10, SRP and Sprezzatura, it looks like the blogosphere is getting busy in the Revelation world right now.

Recent postings include:

  • OpenInsight 10the blogs most recent post touches on enhanced OLE control (OCX) integration and support for OLE.  One of the main objectives is to provide the ability for developers to register OLE controls with the IDE and bind then to the database.
  • Sprezzatura have just posted a technical posting which discusses just about everything that you wanted to know about HTTP headers.  The posting discusses the need for developers to query HTTP headers sent by the client and that are not included in the default information passed forward by OECGI3.  This blog article is relevant to developers who are using O4W or calling OECGI3 directly.
  • SRP Computer Solutions have just posted a reminder of how modules can be tied to the old Application Manager UI in OI 8.0 and later.  Using their System Editor as an example, the blog posting includes full details of linking buttons and there is a free download for the companies Side Bar Images.

Please click on the links at the beginning of the bullet points to view the whole blog postings.

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