Universal Driver 4.7 Update v3

Bundled free with every new OpenInsight v9.0 or later Network User License, the Universal Driver 4.x is now without question the predominant software product to protect and monitor your Revelation based system.

The current version is the UD 4.7 and Revelation has recently released update v3 for the Universal Driver 4.7.  The update is available for download from the OpenInsight WORKS area on www.revelation.com.

So why a new update:

Under certain circumstances, the Universal Driver Manager will not display active workstations and locked records.  The symptoms are that the list of connected workstations and locked records will either be empty or incomplete.  The missing workstations and locked records can occur when the UD Manager encounters more than 16 consecutive disconnected sessions.  The UD Manager will stop checking for new sessions after it reaches this limit.  The disconnected sessions are a normal part of the Linear Hash services operation as clients connect and disconnect from the Linear Hash service.

To resolve the problem, an updated version of the UD Manager 4.7 is available for download.  The update can be applied to any UD 4.7 or UD NUL 4.7 and affects only the UD Manager and not the Linear Hash windows service.

Further details can be found on www.revelation.com.

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