OpenInsight Coding Standards

As systems mature and development teams expand and grow, it is important that standards are maintained throughout the development cycle right across the development team.  This is becoming more and more important because development teams are becoming more and more spread out with home working, working on the move, multiple office locations and more.

Carl Pates of Sprezzatura Ltd has written a document entitled OpenInsight Coding Standards: Best-practice programming notes for Application Development. This is a short guide containing essential programming practices for developing OpenInsight applications.

Please click HERE to download the full article from the Revelation Knowledge Base.

One thought on “OpenInsight Coding Standards

  1. One of the annoyances in Multivalue programming is knowing immediately whether a field is multivalued or not without having to dig down and discover. However the English language offers an elegant solution to this. Multivalued items can be defined in the plural. Single valued items in the singular. Similarly Table names holding similar entities should be plural so that one could Read a Widget record from the Widgets Table in Basic++ code. Simples!

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