DBTA pick up on Rev’s Aus trip success

DBTAMike’s recent trip to Australia and New Zealand was a huge success and this success has been picked up by Database Trends and Application (DBTA).  The key topics on the agenda were OpenInsight 10’s cloud base filing system which will support Couchbase form the off and there are plans to extend that to include MongoDB and most likely Windows Azure shortly after.  Mike also spoke about OpenInsight’s new user authentication and security controls coming in version 10.

The positive impact on those people that Mike spoke to was enormous.   To the point, where most of the developers and users that are running 9.4 at the moment actually wanted to get their hands on OpenInsight version 10 right now, rather than waiting for the expected launch in Houston during March 2015.

Please click here to view the entire DBTA article published online.

The article also touches on Mike’s planned trip to the UK for the next EMEA RUG.  I’ll be blogging more details about that trip early next week, so please watch the blog closely.

Another legacy Rev based system modernises

More and more people running old ARev and early OpenInsight based systems are seeing the benefits and needs of modernising their systems.  Not only does this future proof these systems going forward, but it often enables developers to better and more easily integrate with more modern hardware.  This reduces the risk of trying to find replacement units or parts for obsolete equipment or sourcing unsupported hardware and software.

SRP Computer Solutions have recently helped one of their clients to modernise by embracing thin client technologies, with USB wedge barcode scanners and one of their connection controls.

Click here to read the full article that SRP have recently published on the project.