RevUK RUG Write-up

2014 RUG Meeting
2014 RUG Meeting

Elkie from Prospectus IT Recruitment has written a wonderful write up of the recent RUG in Ealing.  Rather than trying to write an equally good report, I thought that I would simply link to her report from here.

If you are interested in what was shared with the RUG attendees, please click here for Elkie’s report.

Also, some people have already requested some photographs from the RUG meeting.  If you want to view them, they are on my M4Photo website and linked from the home page.

Photos and more about the RUG meeting earlier this week.

2014 RUG Meeting
2014 RUG Meeting

The copyright free RUG photographs are no available on

From my point of view Tuesday’s RUG was an amazing success and judging by some of the comments that I have received by email from people who took the time to join us in London, I am not alone in that thought.

As always the day was packed with information (mostly relating to the forthcoming OpenInsight 10) and the official write-up will follow shortly.  For those that can’t wait, the highlights were as per the published agenda.  Mike began the day with a state of the company presentation and he touched on our future direction.  He then dived into what we can expect from OpenInsight 10 and we also got to see as much of the visual side of the release that has been put together thus far – I think that those in the room were the very first to see the visuals in action outside of the company.  Many of the new features and enhancements had people scribbling notes from the off.

Whereas the floor is usual pretty quiet for an hour or so at our RUGs, this one proved to be different.  Questions, comments and suggestions seemed to come from the floor from within a few minutes and the continued right through till the end.

I put Peter Furlong from Ardbrook on the spot with regards to one of their recent projects and I was hugely grateful for a lovely nugget of information which he was able to share with the room.  Unfortunately, that nugget has to stay in the room for the moment, so you had to be there to benefit.

Aaron gave a short talk about a SQL to OI conversion that he is currently working on and Andrew ran through the options with regards to connectivity within OpenInsight – A popular presentation that added to the requests for copies of the presentations from the day.  These will be emailed out sometime next week once I have caught up.

Reservations for the RUG were higher than expected and we opted to take a larger room.  This enabled us to cater for the larger than anticipated numbers and I was pleased to see only three people drop out at the last minute.  The only down side was Mike having to battle with an auctioneer on a microphone in the adjoining room.  However, following a million pound + auction things went quiet and we got back to normal in the afternoon.

I’ll post the full write up when it is ready, but you can see photographs from the RUG on  Go to the home page and you’ll see a link to the Revelation Software gallery.  Attendees are welcome to digital copies of any of the images for publicity purposes – for your blogs, websites, newsletters, etc.

The collection of photographs include the busy room, developers making valuable new contacts, Alex in full flow regarding UTF8 support, Peter sharing his good news with us and more.  The later images were taken during our stay in Tenby during the road trip.  I was annoyed to have left my tripod at home, but the sunrise was spoiled by an overcast sky so all was not lost.

I hope that you enjoy the photographs and that you can join us at the next RUG which might be a little different from the usual venue and format – watch this space for further details.  It’ll be one that no EMEA region based OI developer will wish to miss.


Today is the Revelation User Group for the EMEA region. We have a full room, which was bigger than originally booked, with developers and users from the UK and around Europe.

Mike Ruane has set the scene for the day and outlined the huge number of changes coming in OpenInsight 10. Mike is now into the tools and looking at what we have now for the OI 10 release.

Usually, the room warms up immediately before the lunch break, but we are already receiving some great feedback from the floor. People here are already seeing the benefit of putting their needs direct to Mike and he is scribbling notes on a pad that is filling pages fast.

Later we’ll be hearing from Carl about the OI 10 presentation layer enhancements, or should I say sweeping changes, and the other guys from Sprezzatura. Andrew is going to cover connectivity and Aaron will be talking about a project that he is working on and which involves moving a client back from SQL to OI.

Personally I would like to thank Peter from Ardbrook for name dropping during the O4W slide. Unfortunately, the nugget of information has to stay in the room, but I saw some huge smiles around the room because it’ll help anyone selling and marketing an online application.

Things are getting busy, so I’ll leave this as the one and only posting from the RUG. You have to be here to really experience the positivity around OpenInsight 10. I guess that begs one question – if you are an OI developer or user in the EMEA region, why are you not here with us in London?

Watch the blog for some photographs from the RUG later in the week when I get back from my road trip with Mike.


RevUK RUG Update

We are now just a few days away from Mike’s UK visit and the next Revelation User Group Meeting. The final agenda is noted below and it looks like being a really informative day for the delegates. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions about the venue, the agenda or anything else about the day.

We have secured a larger room for the event which will enable us to keep to the usual classroom (use of desks) setup.  It also means that we have been able to accommodate more people than usual and for that reason, we have a couple of additional places available.

If you have registered but you are no longer able to make the day, please let Martyn know so that your place can be freed up for someone else.

RUG Agenda

09:30 – 10:00 Meet and Greet – Coffee and Pastries available
10:00 – 11:00 Session 1 Update on the company, where we are now and our
future direction.
11:00 – 11:15 Morning Coffee Break.
11:15 – 12:15 Session 2 OpenInsight 10 so far – New features, what to expect
and how to implement them.
12:15 – 13:30 Lunch in the restaurant.
13:30 – 14:00 Session 3 SQL and back again – A SQL to OI migration – Yes we
do go that way too.
14:00 – 15:30 Session 4 OpenInsight 10 so far – New features, what to expect
and how to implement them.
15:30 – 15:45 Afternoon Coffee Break
15:45 – 16:15 Session 5 OpenInsight Connectivity, an exploration of the options.
16:15 – 16:30 Session 6 What you don’t know!!  An Open Floor Discussion.

During the OpenInsight 10 presentation we will look at OpenInsight’s Access Authentication (login management), GIT, the HTML Editor and Application Tools and Indexing Changes.  Mike will also explore the cloud tools that will be coming in OI 10, including support for Cloudbase and we will hopefully get a sneak peak at the new Forms Designer and an update on the wonderful presentation server enhancements.

Session 6 will be an open floor discussion.  Mike often picks on a few things during his presentations that provoke people to ask me “What else don’t I know about OpenInsight?”  OpenInsight is a massive toolset and it is impossible to know what developers know and don’t know.  This open floor session will consist of a general discussion which I hope will lead the audience and my colleagues down various discussion paths.  Please give some thought to areas of the toolset where you are not overly strong on, or where you feel that you might be missing something.  We will use those topics as jump off points.

RevUK RUG Update

Hilton Doubletree Location Map
Hilton Doubletree Location Map

It is now only a week or so away from the Revelation User Group Meeting in London.  I’d like to take this opportunity to remind those of you in Europe that have not registered, that this is the main Revelation UK event that enables OpenInsight developers and users to find out about where Revelation are now, their plans for the future and also, on this occasion, all about where we are with the forthcoming OpenInsight 10.

The final agenda is being put to bed over the next few days.  Unlike previous years, we are trying to hit a moving target and incorporate as much of what we can physically show as possible with regards to OpenInsight 10.  Please watch the blog for information as it is finalised.

However, for those of you eager for more details the general plan is:

  1. We will meet at the Hilton Doubletree in Ealing London from 9.30am.  There will be some refreshments available and we plan to start the formal presentations at 10.00am.
  2. The morning sessions will be punctuated by one break, leading to lunch and then another break mid-afternoon.  Lunch will be served in the hotel’s restaurant.
  3. We aim to complete the formal sessions at about 4.30pm and we will need to have vacated the meeting room no later than 5.00pm.
  4. I hope that the sessions will cover; The state of the company, The OpenInsight 10 project, Connectivity (Couchbase, etc.) and maybe one or two other things.

The map above shows the location of the two best underground stations for the venue.  The hotel is marked in the orange box and the two underground stations in the blue boxes.  The Hilton does have parking on site but it can be limited and there is a charge.  Please check with the hotel direct for future details.

The Hilton Doubletree’s details are:

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London – Ealing

2-8 Hanger Lane, Ealing, W5 3HN.
TEL: +44-208-8968400
FAX: 44-208-8968488

Hilton Doubletree’s Website