Did you know … UD Log Files

Did you know…that The Universal Driver can generate log output for every operation (file open, read record, etc.), and if desired, to track its behaviour.   In OI 10, you will also be able to specifically limit which operations are recorded, but for now, here’s a technique to “filter out” the operations you want to know more about.

To enable logging, create a file (using Windows Notepad or any other method) named “LH<version>.LOG” (where <version> is the version number of your Universal Driver – for example, LH47.LOG) in your OpenInsight directory.  The contents of this file are irrelevant (an empty file is fine); the Universal Driver detects the presence of the file, and proceeds to record all its operations in the file (note that any existing file content is lost). You can also choose to put the file into your Universal Driver directory, rather than your OpenInsight directory, to record all service operations, by using the name of the service instead (for example, “lh47srvc.log”).


After OpenInsight has been closed, the log file can be examined using any plain-text editor, such as Windows Notepad.  Each line of output will contain the operation code and any appropriate details.  READ ON…

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