Interesting article from Elkie.

I am often asked by my VARs to help them  to get over the sales reluctance within their sales pitches and more often than not this is to do with our MultiValue technology being stereotyped as old and out of date.  Those of us working in the niche, know that the technology has constantly evolved to move with the times and we still underwrite many small, medium and large organisations business on a day to day basis.

However, Elkie’s interview (linked below)  interview gives a slightly different view of tackling the issue and it has certainly given me food for thought.  It also has a couple of nice mentions for Revelation which is welcome.

One thought on “Interesting article from Elkie.

  1. dbakke

    I think what surprises me is that Elkie seems to suggest this is the first time she’s encountered an MV advocate borrowing mainstream terminology to sell a MV solution. Maybe this is unusual in the general MV/Pick world, but Revelation folks have been doing this for a long time. Much of the credit goes to Bob Carten who well understands how our tech can be communicated using the parlance that the unfamiliar will recognize.

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