OpenInsight 8.0.8 and below

OI10whiteIt is hard to believe that OpenInsight 7.2 was released nearly a decade ago and that the last of the runtime releases (version 8.0.8) is now over 6 years old.  Given that a lot of software has a shelf life of just a few years these days and support for early versions even less, it is amazing that we still have people deploying and running these older versions of OpenInsight.

I guess that it continues to show how solid and reliable OpenInsight based solutions are, despite an ever changing world with regards to operating systems, connectivity and progress in general across the IT industry.  OpenInsight just keeps pace with the changes and it seems to just take things in its stride.

However, given the age of these products it really is time to be looking at OpenInsight 9.x and especially with the ground breaking OpenInsight 10 just around the corner.  I am pleased that many of my clients have made the move to 9.x in recent times and those that have not yet made the leap, are making plans.

With most people on or moving to 9.x, the news about the forthcoming Runtime and Universal Driver price increase (that Revelation announced a few weeks ago) will not be of any concern whatsoever, afterall 9.x prices remain as they were when OI 9.0 was released way back in January 2009.

However, if you are still working with or deploying OpenInsight 8.0.8 or older, please be advised that the prices for the runtime licenses (new licenses and bumps) and the Universal Driver and upgrades will be increasing from 1st August 2015.  Please contact your local Revelation representative for further details and please remember to keep this date in mind when providing your customers with license quotations.

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