OI10 Panels and Relationships

As someone that likes user interfaces to look nice, I am loving the new support for panels in OpenInsight 10.  Carl has just explained how they are used in the new IDE and how a group of controls can be grouped onto panels with proper parent child relationships.  Better still, he’s showed how a form with three controls (static, toolbar and single panel) can be used to drive a dynamic user interface that is really smart.

Earlier Mike discussed the conversion process, what is involved and details about how the tables are optimised ‘IF’ you decide to take the copy option.  As usual with OpenInsight, as a developer, you remain in control and we have options for you during the conversion process.  More useful OI10 insights for the attendees.

I think that I’ll be spending quite some time working through the accompanying course paperwork that Mike has written specifically for the course.  Sitting at the back of the room, I see a couple of attendees with the doc already open on their screens,

There is even more to OI10 than I remembered and I’ll be looking at putting some videos together when I get my hands on the beta.

2 thoughts on “OI10 Panels and Relationships

    1. Sorry Don. For some reason your comment never reached me through the site and I only just picked this up. the question did come up during the training session, but I personally think that it is a little too early to comment on here. I’m hopeful for something this side of Conference though and the product has clearly taken a huge leap forwards between when I saw it at conference and again in London.

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