London RUG 2015

This week has seen Mike over from the US for our annual get together with some of our VARs from around the UK and Europe.  Much of Tuesday was given over to Mike to talk about where Revelation is currently and the future plans for the company and OpenInsight more specifically.

It will be no surprise to learn that everything is going into the OI10 release at the moment and the toolset has come a long way since I last saw it in Houston earlier this year.  There is still a fair amount to do before we will get our hands on a beta, but it is definitely looking good.

Mike also took the opportunity to talk a little about mobile computing and Revelation will continue to support these devices and environments.  There is a real mix of OpenInsight versions being used in the room, from back to 7.2.2 and right up to 9.4.  However, I was still surprised to find that most of the guys are still running and developing desktop based systems, with little being done on the web and mobile.  We are often behind the US, so I can see the move to mobile happening very soon and I know that we’ll get busy with O4W and OECGI help requests.

We now have some big names using O4W based systems and I learned of yet another big internet name which we hope to be adding to the list shortly.  Working with our VAR and these big names has led to better support for all manner of things, including single sign on, encryption and heavy penetration testing has resulted in a secure and very stable product.  With the design enhancements in O4W’s forms designer, things will take another big jump in OI10.

Wednesday and today have been given over to getting much more into the innovations and enhancements.  These seem even more wide ranging than I remember from the main conference and I am really pleased to be hosting this event to better prepare the attendees of the OI10 Product Awareness Training.  I hesitated earlier this year because we are still a little way off of a beta but we have learned a lot, people are more aware and prepared and I already have had discussions with a few of the guys who have projects lined up for OI10.

There really is a huge amount of benefits for both developers and end users and I would recommend that OpenInsight developers try to get along to similar events that Mike might hold over the coming weeks and months leading up to conference.  These events are a massive opportunity to discuss your needs and problems with the toolset and we already have a growing list of things that the attendees would like in OI10 and some will be pushed to 10.1.  Thank you to everyone here this week for your ideas and useful comments on the forthcoming version.

For us here in Europe, our next opportunity to learn more about OI10, will be the main Revelation conference early in 2016 or when the beta software is finally released.

All I can say is the wait will be well worth it.

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