Performance Benefit in OI9 and 10

One of the benefits of events like the one that we are holding, is the little nuggets of information that are shared.  From a coffee break discussion, Carl has just shared a code change using square brackets and something to do with binary positions (he lost me) which is a coding technique that Revelation have now fully adopted in the coding of OI10.

This technique appears to have been missed by most people, but Sprezzatura has a blog posting on the change and I would recommend anyone wishing to gain better performance in their systems and who are running :

  • As was pointed out in a recent post the performance of the “[]” string operators in UTF8 mode is pretty poor. In fact it’s downright painful – If you’ve not seen the effects before go and create yourself a UTF8 application and then try compiling a program. The speed drop you see is due to the system pre-compiler (REV_COMPILER_EXPAND) making heavy use of the “[]” operators during the compilation process in a manner similar to this:

Click here to see the rest of the blog posting.

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