Asynchronous HTTP Requests

OI CloudEverything seems to be web related at the moment.  What with calls from end users about hosting systems in the cloud and Mike sharing the current trends in the US and the continued uptake of mobile solutions by end users and software providers this is proving to be a very hot topic.

Then into my inbox pops another web related article, this time from our friends at SRP.  Entitled ‘Asynchronous HTTP Requests’, this article walks you through extending the built-in functionality to provide a more feature rich user experience whilst interfacing your OpenInsight based applications with a web API or when simply downloading a file.

  • Overview There is no end in sight to the growth of online content and web services. Sooner or later your application will need to communicate with an online service for new functionality. You may need to interface your OpenInsight based application with a web API or simply need to download a file. This blog article […]

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