Is your Antivirus hitting your revparam file?

Some people say that I talk too much but once in a while I pick up a real nugget of information during conversations.  It’s why I like talking, rather than hiding behind email.

Anyway, I was talking with Bob Carten about the UD5 and performance in general because he has been working hard in this area for the forthcoming OI10 release.  During the conversation he mentioned to me that during a recent performance test, he noticed that his anti-virus software was periodically scanning his revparam file.  During the scan the revparam file would become locked for writing during the scan.

We all know to make sure that the .lk and .ov files are excluded from such scans, but it would appear that a recent change in the antivirus world has seen the scans including files with no file extension – so that’ll include the revparam file.

It is therefore strongly advised that revparam is now also added to your anti-virus exclusion list to avoid any issues accessing the file.

Remember also that the revparam file is accessed whenever a write is being made.  I understand that this will result in an access issue if it is being scanned and OI need to check it.  The constant checking of the revparam file is being enhanced for OI10 so that the revparam content is loaded into cache and thereby avoiding the revparam file needing to be accessed all of the time.

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