An insight into CFG_CTO


For anyone developing or working with an ARev32 application, Sprezzatura have just published a wonderful article with regards to the system’s configuration file.

Many people who initially made the move to AREV32 with the intention of slowly re-engineering their way to a purely OpenInsight based environment still find themselves with systems that are heavily AREV32 reliant. With this in mind we thought it might be an idea to spend a little time examining CFG_CTO to see what little goodies might be lurking in there. So with the help of Revelation’s esteemed CTO guru, Bryan Shumsky we’ve put together this little guide.

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didyouknowoiDid you know… that you can copy entities from one application to another using SYSCOPYAPPS.

Repository entities are prefixed with an application name which makes it difficult to copy items from one application to another.  The SYSCOPYAPPS form is a handy tool to copy specific types of entities or a complete application from one application to another application.


New Look Website

The new website is finally online.  Completely hand crafted in html using Dreamweaver and with responsive web pages, the new site should render better on all devices.

Support for mobile devises was especially important given the rise in people browsing the site on phones and tablets of different sizes.  It also gave me a chance to learn some new skills, despite some late nights and plenty of frustration.

The new site is drastically cut down from the old bloated site.  Over the years I have been adding numerous pages that customers had requested and there was still some old information online.  Furthermore, I have lost a lot of the technical information because the US website handles that so much better these days.

That said, if I have deleted something that you use a lot, wish to have back online or something that you would like to see and which is not there, please drop me a line a line with the details and I’ll see what I can do.

Apart from being responsive, one of the few new features that I have included is a chat facility.  When I am logged in, people will be able to chat with me in real time and this is another modern feature that many web users look for these days.  With the release of OI10 soon, I’m looking forward to a rise in interest in the tool-set and what Revelation has to offer more generally.  Hopefully the new look website will be welcoming to those developers who have not yet found us.

In the meantime, I hope that you also like the new look and feel to the website.

Universal Driver 5.0 Released

I am pleased to announce that the Universal Driver (UD) 5.0 is now available to anyone running OpenInsight version 9.4.

Originally planned to only be supported with the forthcoming OpenInsight 10 release, interest has been sufficiently high in the UD 5.0’s new features that Revelation has released the new version with support for the widely adopted OpenInsight version 9.4.

The Universal Driver that is bundled free of charge with all of the 9.x releases, remains Universal Driver NUL 4.7.  However, the Universal Driver NUL 5.0 is only compatible with OpenInsight 9.4.

If you are purchasing a new Universal Driver License for use with OpenInsight 9.4, you now have the choice of using the Universal Driver 4.7 or the newer Universal Driver NUL 5.0 – please specify your preference when ordering.

If you are an existing user and you are running OpenInsight 9.4 and the Universal Driver 4.7 or Universal Driver NUL 4.7, then we have an upgrade path for you to get to the version 5.0.  Again, drop us a line and we will be pleased to provide you with the appropriate costs.

If you are an existing user and you are running an older Universal Driver, then you’ll need to purchase the upgrade to the UD 4.7 and then the upgrade to the UD 5.0.  Again, we will be pleased to quote for your specific needs accordingly.