Windows 8.0

Just a heads up for those of you that missed this one slipping under the radar, Microsoft will be dropping support for Windows 8.0 from today.

I don’t see this affecting OpenInsight users too much and we still have people currently moving away from Windows XP to Windows 7, but it is worth noting that Windows 8.0 now joins the growing list of recent (ish) operating systems that are not actively supported by the manufacturer.

This obviously poses questions for those of us installing application and whether we wish to support these older operating systems with our OI applications.  We often don’t have a choice, but I personally remind my clients that their chosen operating system is not supported by the manufacturer and that could have a unforeseen negative knock-on something down the line and that they need to acknowledge this and make appropriate provision.

This change makes those of you who are settled on Windows 8.0, windows 7 and earlier a little vulnerable.  As such, my advice is therefore to maintain current supported operating systems for business applications and other mission critical systems – but I too have to live in the real world.

I would however, recommend that those of you who are on older operating systems take a look at Windows 8.1 which should be good until January 2018 (see the link below), or better still, explore Windows 10.

FWIW – On a personal note, I recently blew my Windows 7 Home operating system away and took my machine back to factory condition installing Windows 7 home afresh.  I then upgraded to Windows 10 using the free upgrade and then I used a key to take that up to Windows 10 Pro.  Bad mistake, I got hit with the start menu bar critical error problem and it’s horrible and with no sign of any solution to the issue.  Some of my colleagues installed Windows 10 fresh onto their machines and they have been fine.  I reinstalled Windows 10 and everything ‘seems’ be to OK for the moment – but please be warned if you are planning on upgrading from earlier operating systems.  My advice would be to run a full Windows 10 install.

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