OpenInsight 9.4 “Roll Up” Patch v1


I am pleased to announce that Revelation have just published that “Roll Up” patch into the WORKS area on
Entitled ‘OpenInsight 9.4 “Roll Up” Patch’, this zip file contains an updated RevelationDotNetSetup.msi, RevelationDotNetSetup.exe, an OInsight.exe and an OpenInsight RDK, for use in OpenInsight 9.4.0 systems. This patch includes all of the previous fixes for Openinsight 9.4.
These include:
  • BUTTONDOWN Event Handler Patch for OI 9.4
  • SQL Connector Patch for OI 9.4 v2
  • Buffer Overflow Error Patch for OI 9.4 v2
  • RevelationDotNet 9.4 “Roll Up” Patch
  • RTI_TASKMANAGER 9.4 Patch v2
  • O4W Validation Patch for OI 9.4
  • QBF Patch for OI 9.4
  • Arev32 Descending Sort Issue Patch for OI 9.4 v2
  • Single Sign On Patch for OI 9.4
  • CTODICT.MFS Patch for OI 9.4 v2
  • Arev32 Conversion Utility Patch for OI 9.4
  • Socket Functions Patch for OI 9.4
  • O4W Popup Patch for OI 9.4
  • Base64 Encode/Decode Patch for OI 9.4


You will require OpenInisght version 9.4 to be pre-installed on your machine and you will require a current OpenInsight WORKS login to reach the download page.  That download page includes complete Download and Setup Information for the patch and alink to the patch zip file itself.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to repeat steps 7 through 14 (as listed on the download page) on EVERY workstation running OpenInsight.  Failure to perform the uninstall and reinstall (via clientsetup.exe) on a workstation will lead to inconsistent behaviour in the BRW and/or OIPI.NET.

One thought on “OpenInsight 9.4 “Roll Up” Patch v1

  1. Just an FYI, Revelation just confirmed a minor issue with the roll up patch and are presently working on a new one to resolve the problem. I suggest your readers hold off on installing this patch until the new one (v2 I imagine) is made available.

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