And breathe…

People often question why I leave for airports so early.  It is usually to experience a nice easy drive, leisurely parking and a trouble free bag drop.  Flying from Gatwick this morning, I decided to leave in the early hours to avoid the M1 and M25 traffic and basically cruise control for 90% of the journey.

On this occasion, half way round the M25 I came across three red crosses above the carriageway and the M25 closed.  Waze took me onto a detour which resulted in blue lights and a crash between two cars blocking the road – at 3.00am!!!!  Goodness knows how they managed to hit each other.  More detours and finally I arrive at the airport.

Now, I was unable to check in online yesterday for some reason and again the self service kiosks blocked me.  Off to the desk to find a name mismatch.  Thankfully the lady on the desk waived the fee as it was just one letter and I got off with the warning and to check  my ESTA – that’s all good.

Back to check-in and my hand luggage gets checked for weight.  0.5 kilos over for a bag with my camera gear which I’ve travelled with on numerous occasions.  Thankfully, the check in person was obliging and I got through after showing what is in the bag and an agreement to carry my Surface separately onto the plane.  Phew, things must surely get better.

Into security.  Keys in my bag, belt in the tray, Surface in the tray separately, all by the book.  Yup, a 20 minute bag check and I got caught for a bag check.  Thank fully the guy checking my bag is a camera nut so it was a case of running everything up and a polite exchange on what I’m off to shoot.  Looks like he’ll be buying a 70-200mm sometime soon 😉

So, finally through security and airside and I still have a good few hours to grab some much needed breakfast and then to find a quiet corner to  catch up with email.

Hopefully things will be fine now.  However, note to self, lose a few pounds from the hand luggage for the return journey.

Orlando, USA, here we come 🙂




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