What Alligators?? #OI10Launch


This morning was the first full day of the conference and I had not planned on waking up wit my streaming cold back again, but some things never go to plan.  The day on the other hand went really well.

I began with breakfast in David’s Cub which is a sports bar in the evening but, closed off just for us,  it made for a great place for breakfast.  Some additional attendees flew in and collected their welcome packs and we all headed off to the conference room for Mike’s welcome address.  This was followed by a question and answer session where a whole host of questions were put to Mike, Carl, Bryan and Bob.

This was followed by Mike who took the lead in looking at the OpenInsight 10 Forms Designer.  This is a vastly different tool visually from what we have in version 9.4 and there is a wealth of new features.  I especially like the way that the properties are handled within the new panels.

Carl continued looking at the new forms designer and he also spoke about some of the many new functions that have been included and especially the greatly enhanced support for images and how these can be out to use in making our application look really nice, and across many screen resolutions as well.

To round off the afternoon, Bob Carten took us through how GIT has been integrated into OpenInsight 10 and he also spoke at some length about how Revelation have used the code management tools to better support the development team which is now spread over a wide area and crosses continents.  This presentation generated a lot of interest and questions from the floor.

This was followed by the last session of the day in which Bob and Kevin took a look at the new features and functionality the is being delivered right now through hthe UD 5.x  We loked at the benefits of the product, the management console and how network administrators can get a better view of their systems.  This highlight for, was watching Bob pull a cable on his ‘special; network’ and then to watch the UD recover the OI session.

The evening was spent in the gold club house.  Some people relaxed inside with a beer and a plate of refreshing food, and others ventured out onto the veranda to watch the sun drop into the horizon.

I had carried my filter around all week waiting for such a sunset, but tonight I was travelling light and all the gear was back in my room.  Nevertheless I headed down to the waters edge to try to get a reasonable shot of the setting run with some interesting branches and a bush at the waters edge – much to the amusement of my fellow conference mates who waved from the club house and later mentioned the alligator which had silently slipped into the lake earlier in the evening – thanks guys 😉

Anyway, a highly informative and very pleasant day  and I’m looking forward to more of the same tomorrow.  For now, I’ll be downloading the images from my camera and heading off to bed and to try to shift this d**n cold.





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