Conference Day 3. #OI10Launch

1P7A7194Well we are at the end of the conference’s last day and Mike’s image with the thumbs up says it all.  There has been a huge amount to see, a lot to think about and we all had a good time.  So what did the last day have to offer?

Today was another single track day which was opened up by Bob Carten talking about one of my hottest topics – Tuning OpenInsight Data for Performance.  This was one of my must see presentations and it was great to hear about his findings with regards to getting more performance out of OpenInsight and what developers and DBA’s can do to maintain a healthy and optimal performing system.  There are tools available for OI 9.4 and enhanced tools and reporting coming in OI10.  Bob continues to work on finding more areas where performance gains can be made and this is sure to continue right up to the OI10 release.

Dave Hendershot then took the podium to update us on the brand new MSG and Message Designer and it was great to see how much more control we will have over this extremely useful tool in OI.  Through numerous live demonstrations, he showed how developers can take much more control over the look and content of MSG under OpenInsight 10 without the need for cutting code.

Mike took the final presentation where he spoke about the conversion process in some depth. I was going to write a little more about his talk because this is an area that I know a lot of my readers are interested in.  However, Don at SRP has beaten me to that with a very detailed and unbiased view .  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I will simply share those SRP blog posts through my blog and thank you to don for taking the time to write those posts.

1P7A7178Even during the conference Mike and Carl could be found coding and discussing the OI10 project.  All of the OI10 development team are working tirelessly on this release so that we can put it into good use as quickly as possible.  Don has also tackled the When, When, When statement on mikes closing presentation, so I’ll not repeat that or dive in with my predictions.  However, I would like reassure everyone that the guys are working on this all the time.  For instance, I still cannot get access to Carl because he is working on it during the working day and also at silly o’clock at times.  What we saw at conference proves that this wait will be worthwhile and it also showed just how much the toolset has come along over the last 12 months.

Like everyone else that I spoke to, I can’t wait to get home, get caught up with work and dive into the OpenInsight 10 Alpha which is now sitting on my machine.

To round off the conference, Mike ran a slide show of the photographs that I caught during the conference.  This is designed to tell a little of the story and to offer up a few giggles along the way.  I’ll have that and the full photograph collection on-line sometime next week, so please watch the blog for that.

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