Important News about the UD

benchtestresultsIf you are running, or have clients running, multi-user systems based on OpenInsight, there are a couple of postings in the WORKS discussion forum that you will have seen this morning relating to some big changes to the Universal Driver line up.

Because some of my readers are not on WORKS and because these new versions of the Universal Driver have some important fixes and new features that I know most end users will want to take advantage of I plan to write a few separate postings on each piece of news.

In the meantime, I would like to personally thank Bob Carten and Bryan Shumsky and one of my key UK clients who have worked extremely hard in identifying the cause of and correcting an issue in the Universal Driver.  Also, thank you to the team at Revelation who have added some much sought after new features in the UD5 and who have rolled those back for those of you running on OpenInsight version 9.4.

Watch for more coming from me over the next hour or so……

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