We were recently approached by one of our OpenInsight supported clients with an OpenInsight executable which had been quarantined by a piece of security software.  The file which is simply called LB.EXE was flagged up as a ‘possible’ ransomware virus.

With all of the recent headlines about ransomware programs and the nightmare that they pose to people who open the ransomware file, I jumped on this one straight away.  A search on my computer quickly found the LB.EXE file in my copy of OpenInsight 9.4.  I googled LB.EXE and found no reported issues and running it through Norton and ThreatExpert also showed no issues to be concerned about.

My next stop was the support team here at Revelation Software and I learned that LB.EXE is a legitimate file that was used for the Database Manager in older versions of OpenInsight and it is therefore a legacy program that can now be removed if you are running version 8.x or 9.x of OpenInsight.

If you are still running older versions of OpenInsight, I would strongly recommend looking at upgrading to version 8.0.8 at the very least and preferably OpenInsight 9.4, being the currently supported version of the development suite.



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