OpenInsight 10 – Alpha 7

OI10whiteRevelation have made some good progress with the OpenInsight 10 Alpha and I’m currently working through my bug list and closing a nice number of reported issues from earlier alphas, something that I’ll continue with over the weekend.

In line with their open and transparent policy for OpenInsight 10, they Alpha v7 is now available for download to all Works Members.

The Alpha v7 is available as a full install. So, if you have worked with earlier alpha’s please use the AppBackup facility to backup your old alpha work and restore it into the new alpha.  This is what I do but one word of warning.  If you keep your data, images and other supporting files in a specific folder (I keep things in C:\RevSoft10.6\MDPmyApp) you’ll need to copy that folder from the earlier alpha and into the new alpha once installed.  The app restore will then use the new folder and the restore should run just fine.

This version includes many enhancements to the IDE, Form Designer, Table Builder and O4W, so it is well worth a look and to take the opportunity to report any issues that you find to Revelation and have those issue addressed before Revelation releases the beta.

OpenInsight for Web (O4W) v2.0, included in the OpenInsight 10 Alpha v7, is a rapid application development tool that lets you generate responsive forms, reports, and dashboards.  Use the powerful GUI drag-and-drop to lay out your forms and then test in both desktop and mobile browser mode. Or use the toolset’s full-function API to create the most sophisticated web pages.

Alpha v7 is set to expire on April 4, 2017.

2 thoughts on “OpenInsight 10 – Alpha 7

  1. I have always appreciated your input and like your columns over the years.

    Question: I still run arev on a winows xp laptop (sold my company so just me now) but wanted to get a new laptop.
    Can Arev run on any of the new OS? I stayed with XP to have the expanded memory.

    THinking of booting up server 2012 and starting up conversion efforts in OI again as well, but can above arev and OI 10 work in same system?

    Craig DuBois, MD

    1. Hi Craig,

      Without messing around with Virtual Machines and old operating systems, you are going to run into problems with ARev (DOS) on modern operating systems, basically anything after Windows XP, so Windows 7, 8, 10, etc. This has been fairly well documented over the last few years, so it should not come as a surprise.

      I would therefore strongly recommend a move to ARev32 in the first instance so that you can run on Windows 10 ( also Windows 7 or 8), ARev32 should also be fine on Server 2012.

      Arev32 and OpenInsight 9.x can reside together, in fact I’d recommend converting your ARev DOS system to ARev32 using a copy of OpenInsight 9.4 and then also use that development environment to then slowly move that ARev32 version to full OI GUI. I have a video with an ARev32 / OI hybrid system mid conversion. This video shows how nicely the two environments play together.

      Stick with ARev 3.12 or earlier and I believe that you are sitting on a ticking time bomb that will explode anytime soon. Yes, some people have found ways of keeping their ARev 3.12 system running on modern operating systems, but they really are swimming against the tide and fighting a losing battle. For me, I’d rather make the move so something more long term in my own time and not in a panic rush because the technology has forced me to take quick and sometimes rash decisions.

      If you need some help with the conversion and have no one to help you already (i.e. you are not tied to another Revelation VAR), please feel free to contact me at or

      Eitherway, good luck with whatever route you ultimately decide to take with your ARev system.

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