OI10 Conversion Process and New Examples Application

OpenInsight 10 LogoOK, I lie ever so slightly, the new Examples application is the old examples application but with a slightly enhanced user interface but it certainly feels new.

I have now converted a few applications from OpenInsight 9.x to OpenInsight version 10 and I’m always pleased with the results.  It started with me cutting my teeth on the EXAMPLES application and then I moved on to my larger RevSoft UK Contact Manager.  The later benefited from a couple of weeks of evenings working on the user interface before I deleted the old 9.4.2 version and moved 100% OI10.

So, a few people have asked me to produce a video of the conversion process and I’m pleased to announce that both that video and a look at an early version of the new examples application is now online and copied below.

Please note that this is a relatively new YouTube Channel.  I decided to drop the old one with the old 9.x videos in order to provide a clean break between the two and avoid confusion.  For this reason, please subscribe to the new YouTube channel for periodic updates as I produce more OI10 videos.


3 thoughts on “OI10 Conversion Process and New Examples Application

  1. Hi Martyn

    Can you gives us an update on what is happening for O4W.
    Is a new release due shortly or not until much later, eg OI11, OI12.
    What is it planned to contain.

    Kind Regards,
    Robin Tinker

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    Integrated Education Software Ltd.
    PO Box 1490

    Ph: 07 348 4585
    Fax: 07 346 1272
    Email: Robin@ies.co.nz

    Website: http://www.ies.co.nz

    1. Hi Robin,

      Thanks for your comment. There has been a lot of work done on O4W but this is part of OI10 that I am yet to get into because I have spent many, many hours working with and testing the desktop environment changes. I also know that there are some web developers (Rev clients) that have been heavily using O4W and they have been testing O4W in OI10 diligently and reporting back to RevUS. This is one of the reasons that I have left this with them, web/mobile development is not something that I’m overly familiar with.

      I would suggest approaching RevUS (Bob or Brian) for and official update on the changes to O4W. No doubt I’ll get back into O4W nearer to the final OI10 release.

      All the best,

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