The Hyperlink Control in OI10

So, it was mentioned to me that I was using a static control to launch the pop-up in my video this morning.  Whereas, Andrew was using a Hyperlink Control to do the same.  So what’s the difference and why did I opt for the Static Control?

I’ve just uploaded a new video to show the difference between the two and to show why I preferred the static text control in my application – mainly for a little more control owing to the background colour scheme that I have been using in my windows – no other good reason.

I hope that you are finding these videos useful and I’ll welcome your comments, feedback and ideas for more snippet videos like this one.


One thought on “The Hyperlink Control in OI10


    Martyn, I was so pleased to see your videos on using the static control type as a hyperlink in OI 10. I’ve thought for a long time that the static control is under-appreciated, and should have had a click event all along. Please do keep doing the videos; they are very helpful and appreciated.

    We have OI 9.3 and have been using statics for hyperlinks for about a year now, and I find them very handy, and as you say, much more flexible in terms of color cues for the user. And they often take up less screen space than pushbuttons. We also use the font underline setting to turn hyperlink functionality on and off. There are a number of other uses we find for statics, as well. It’s not just a label control for us.

    If you’re looking for other topics for videos, I’d like to learn more about the “Rich Edit Box” control. I tried to use the edit box rich text setting in 9.3, but I’ve been unable to solve a GP and SP issue with it.

    Thanks so much!

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