OpenInsight 10 Overview Video

Since uploading the two videos yesterday, I have had more pressure from people to get some form of overview video out for OpenInsight 10.  It seems that there is significant interest in the new version of OpenInsight but people want a quick view, rather than downloading, installing and running their own evaluation.

I have therefore just uploaded an initial overview video.  Although this video is not short (a little over 51 minutes), it is a ‘very’ quick overview of the OpenInsight 10 tool-set.

Aimed primarily at experienced OpenInsight developers who are familiar with the OpenInsight tool-set, this video takes quick look at the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), how the tools are launched and how the interface reacts to those launched tools.  We don’t look at everything and nothing is looked at in any great detail.  I’ll take that request on a module by module basis.

As always, please comment below the video on YouTube if you find this video useful.  It is the only way that I know whether these videos are worth the time and effort to produce them.


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