New OI10 Demo Application

With the release of the 10.0.8 beta program, I decided to give the desktop development side of the software a good test and I looked around at a system that I could write from the ground up.  This is nothing new because, now that things are so much easier in version 10 and because they enable me as a junior developer to build functional systems,  I have taken this approach to test most of the version 10 releases.  It is also much nicer to build something with some perceived value, you don’t feel like you are wasting your time.

Anyway, here is where I let the cat out of the bag and expose my awful guitar skills.  For the last year of so, I have been trying to learn how to play the guitar and (under a pseudonym) I have been documenting my journey online.  Progress has been woefully slow and I had been trying to keep motivated using some free online practice logging tools but, as usual, none included all of the things that I wanted to cover.

Enter OpenInsight 10 and another hair brained idea to build my own system.

Version 10.0.8 is definitely the best OpenInsight release yet and I have been amazed at what I can now build using the software.  So much so, I have invested a lot of time learning how to build this system better than my previous script driven systems.  I have removed a lot of my code and used the system code (via simply setting the properties) and I have also taken the leap into the world of commuter modules.  With the ability to have both data entry form AND your code open at the same time, makes working in OpenInsight 10 a dream.

Anyway, with some tuition along the way, including some help from Revelation Software developers to create a wickedly awesome on screen report with animated charts, and a bucket load of time, mixed with the odd tear or two (sometimes I find writing code so frustrating), I am now very close to completing the system.

So why this article?

Well, I am hoping to make it available to all of our valued WORKS subscribers, as a brand new example application.  Some (most) of the code that I have written is not optimised and it is not an example of best practice (I am still a junior, learning fast) but I hope that the system will provide a nice example of how Windows based systems can easily be put together using OpenInsight 10.  And, if I can produce this as a junior developer, just imagine what you guys can produce as professionals.

I will be making this system available to my YouTube subscribers, via my personal guitar YouTube channel (My Sic String Journey).  That system will be empty of data and supplied via a single setup.exe file.  Revelation Software will also make the system available to WORKS subscribers.  

For now, take a look at the application on YouTube.

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