Never ask your boss to check something!!

Hi Everyone,

I must apologise for the delay in getting my new demo application (video preview linked above) to RevUS and in turn to our WORKS subscribers.  A few of you have been asking when and how you can get hold of the system and I thought it best to provide everyone with an update.

The reason for the delay is that I was proud of what I had managed to achieve using OpenInsight 10 and I thought that I ought to run it passed Andrew before releasing it to the world.  And, therein rests lesson number one – You are rarely as clever as you think you are when it comes to things that you don’t really understand and boy, did I come down to earth with a bump.

I jest of course.  I do these little projects for personal development and to better understand the tools that I am selling here at Revelation.  I therefore know that what I do is very basic and there are always better and more efficient ways of doing things.  This project has been one huge example of that fact.

So, I gave Andrew access to the system and he reviewed the programs.  Pretty much every program needs some enhancement of varying degrees.  Much of it is repetitive and one or two of the programs have been completely rewritten by Andrew for me.  I’ve just needed to copy in the draft code and debug for some programs and I have had to fully understand and apply that new found knowledge to others – learning lots and lots and lots along the way.  The code will no doubt not be 100% efficient and right, but it’ll be a whole lot closer following this work.

Now, his post has sounded a little negative thus far and that is all tongue in cheek.  But, I did get my own back last week by being a massive thorn in Andrew’s side.  Some questions were painfully stupid, leaving me hanging my head in shame and sometimes I was just too slow to grasp the concept, but Andrew has been super patient with me and I am now nearing completion of the code changes.  There is just one large hurdle to overcome and yes, I will be asking Andrew for his help with that one.

So for his time and patience and understanding, I’d like to thank Andrew for helping me to make this new examples application so, so, so, so much better.

So what have been some of the changes.  I will not go into all of them but some noteworthy changes are:

  • The use of arrays in place of stacked Set_Property statements. In some places, I had stacked half a dozen or more Set_Property calls, not knowing that each was an overhead in its own right.  These have now been changed for arrays and only a single call which is much more efficient.

  • I had a few places where I was existing out of programs mid-way through the code. Andrew taught me to use a different technique to let the code run to the end properly.

  • I had been using <-1> in places when working with some arrays and he has shown me how to change that for better and more efficient code.

  • I had a MOUSEMOVE event which was being checked hundreds (possibly) or times as I moved the mouse over buttons. A quick change to my code now only does this once as I enter the button and not as I move across it.

The list goes on, but it has been a fascinating and sometimes frustrating few days.  The end result is a head that is about to explode but better code for those of you that will be diving into it to see how things have been done.

Again, a massive personal thank you to Andrew for the education and his time.

For now, it is back to the code for me.

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