OI10 Update

didyouknowoi10As you would expect the recent Revelation Software conference was alive with everything OpenInsight 10 and, along with all of the new functionality, I was blown away with all of the new thinking and redesign of the toolset that is bound to make every developers workflow so much easier and faster.

I could fill this blog with month’s worth of articles exploring the new version of OpenInsight, but there is absolutely no point in reinventing the wheel and there are technical people doing a much better job than me.  Furthermore, the technical guys are a little more pragmatic and they don;t get caught up in the sales side of the topic.  I’ll therefore defer to:

Carl’s blog is made up of a number of articles that explore his part of developing the interface and the code changes that he has implemented.  This is a rich resource that is s must read for all OpenInsight developers.

Don at SRP has been blogging consistently since the conference and he is tackling specific subjects in some detail.

Andrew’s conference presentation was extremely well received, not least because it gave his audience a real world OpenInsight developers perspective of working with the Alpha that everyone went away with.  If you are planning on looking at the Alpha, then this is a must read blog article.

So what about the Alpha itself.  I had originally thought that it would only be available to conference attendees but following the way that it has been received, Revelation have now made it available to all OI WORKS subscribers via the WORKS area on www.revelation.com.

Armed with the Alpha and the OI10 resources linked above, this is the perfect time to take a look at what is coming in the beta in a few months time.  There is still a lot to be done, but now that Revelation are building OI10 in OI10, things are rushing forward at quite a pace and the official beta is now in sight.

I am still trying to find some time to take a slow walk through the Alpha but please drop me an email if you are not a WORKS Subscriber and would like to see the Alpha and to talk about what is coming.


RevCon 2016 Photographs

1P7A6696For those of you that are interested in such things, I have now finished putting the photographs together and they are now viewable in the main Revelation Software gallery on www.m4photo.co.uk.  You will see the link to the main Revelation gallery page half way down the Home page and it uses the same image as in this blog posting.

All of the images are available on request to anyone who attended the conference this year.  Please drop me an email with the eight digit photograph ID number which can be found by opening up the photograph in the gallery to display it in large format.  An example ID is 1P7A5699.  I will then create a roughly A4 sized .jpg file which will be emailed back to you.  I will also undertake a little colour correction and noise reduction as required for chosen images.

Please ignore the ordering process and costs, all of these images are freely available and with full reproduction rights.


RevCon 2016 End of show slideshow.

I am pleased to announce that the video slideshow of photographs taken at this years Revelation Conference in Orlando, Florida is now available on my personal YouTube Channel and it can be run from the link below.  There is also a Playlist which I will use to bundle all of my Revelation videos together, for now there is just this years conference and last years in the playlist.

The captions in the video will only really make sense if you were there.  Things like “Bob’s special little network” will only mean anything to those of us that were fortunate to be at this main Revelation Software event. However, it was nice for me to get more than a few giggles and laughs from the audience and this was a great way to round of a fabulous few days with the Rev team and some of our clients from all over the world.

I do have a license to use the music files and this is through the software used to create the slideshow.  As such I have contested this with YouTube and apologise for the annoying adverts that YouTube includes in the video whilst the issue is investigated.  I hope that they do not spoil your enjoyment of the video.

I still have the photographs to process and these will be added to my M4Photo website as Revelation Software gallery when they are complete.  I’ll blog here just as soon as this is the case.

Conference Day 3. #OI10Launch

1P7A7194Well we are at the end of the conference’s last day and Mike’s image with the thumbs up says it all.  There has been a huge amount to see, a lot to think about and we all had a good time.  So what did the last day have to offer?

Today was another single track day which was opened up by Bob Carten talking about one of my hottest topics – Tuning OpenInsight Data for Performance.  This was one of my must see presentations and it was great to hear about his findings with regards to getting more performance out of OpenInsight and what developers and DBA’s can do to maintain a healthy and optimal performing system.  There are tools available for OI 9.4 and enhanced tools and reporting coming in OI10.  Bob continues to work on finding more areas where performance gains can be made and this is sure to continue right up to the OI10 release.

Dave Hendershot then took the podium to update us on the brand new MSG and Message Designer and it was great to see how much more control we will have over this extremely useful tool in OI.  Through numerous live demonstrations, he showed how developers can take much more control over the look and content of MSG under OpenInsight 10 without the need for cutting code.

Mike took the final presentation where he spoke about the conversion process in some depth. I was going to write a little more about his talk because this is an area that I know a lot of my readers are interested in.  However, Don at SRP has beaten me to that with a very detailed and unbiased view .  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I will simply share those SRP blog posts through my blog and thank you to don for taking the time to write those posts.

1P7A7178Even during the conference Mike and Carl could be found coding and discussing the OI10 project.  All of the OI10 development team are working tirelessly on this release so that we can put it into good use as quickly as possible.  Don has also tackled the When, When, When statement on mikes closing presentation, so I’ll not repeat that or dive in with my predictions.  However, I would like reassure everyone that the guys are working on this all the time.  For instance, I still cannot get access to Carl because he is working on it during the working day and also at silly o’clock at times.  What we saw at conference proves that this wait will be worthwhile and it also showed just how much the toolset has come along over the last 12 months.

Like everyone else that I spoke to, I can’t wait to get home, get caught up with work and dive into the OpenInsight 10 Alpha which is now sitting on my machine.

To round off the conference, Mike ran a slide show of the photographs that I caught during the conference.  This is designed to tell a little of the story and to offer up a few giggles along the way.  I’ll have that and the full photograph collection on-line sometime next week, so please watch the blog for that.

Conference Day 2. #OI10Launch


Day two of the conference again began with a good breakfast in David’s Club and then Bob and Kevin kicked off the formal part of the day with a look at the benefits of deploying OpenInsight applications using Remote Desktop Services.  This is a very informative session with lots of notes being taken and the interest in this session was highlighted by three of the attendees taking the microphone and sharing their successes with Citrix and 2x.

We then split into two groups for the first time.  The choices being Don Bakke’s (SRP) presentation during which he took an in-depth look at using OpenInsight as a REST API Engine and he explained very clearly what developers really need to know when adopting this technology and the benefits that can be obtained if done properly.  The other session option was taken by Dave Hendershot’s presentation on connecting to the web using the O4W API.  Both of these were a little too technical for me and i bounced between the rooms to get some photographs.

The technical track remained split as we headed up to the lunch break with Andrew McAuley taking an OpenInsight developers view of getting started with the OpenInsight 10 Alpha that all of the attendees went away with.  This was a hugely popular presentation that I really wished that I had sat in on because of the content and because it was pretty much ‘all live’.  I guess that I’ll have to tie Andrew down whilst in London for an hour sometime and have him run through his presentation with me.

Up against Andrew was Bryan Shumsky with his usual lively presentation skills taking a look at the OI 10 and O4W User Management changes that are coming.  This looked at user authentication in some depth and how OI10 has new functionality to better manage users and how standards, like those set by Stamford, can be implemented into our systems without code.

After lunch, the sessions remained split with Bob Carten taking a look at the OpenInsight Data Source Designer and something that I just knew would go over my head.  For that reason, I headed of to listen to Bill Reynaldos talk in which he gave us an update on his progress with the brand new R/BAND Designer and how that is interfacing with the reporting tools for nicely banded reports direct from TCL.

Bryan rounded out the day with another entertaining presentation during which he looked at the O4W Form Designer that is coming in OpenInsight 10.  This was one that I was really looking forward to because I’ve done some real O4W development and I felt a little frustrated by the two column approach and the inability to place content where I wanted.  There is always going to a compromise on the web using tools like O4W (rather than hard coding and fighting divs) but the new 12 column drag and drop interface is just superb and I can not wait to get into O4W development again using these new tools.

Again, all of the presentations today were a mix of PowerPoint and live use of the tools.  Mike had explained at the opening session that Revelation are using OI10 to build OI10 and this is now really showing through some very nice presentations with surprising few issues given that this is early alpha software.

The final evening was spent socialising around the hotel’s formal pool with an amazing BBQ fit to suit anyone’s tastes.  The food during this conference has been just brilliant and this was just a wonderful way to round out the fun side of the event.  For me, it was a chance to grab a few last photographs before heading up to my room for a few hours of processing and video creation – I’ll know in a few hours whether it was worth the trouble.



What Alligators?? #OI10Launch


This morning was the first full day of the conference and I had not planned on waking up wit my streaming cold back again, but some things never go to plan.  The day on the other hand went really well.

I began with breakfast in David’s Cub which is a sports bar in the evening but, closed off just for us,  it made for a great place for breakfast.  Some additional attendees flew in and collected their welcome packs and we all headed off to the conference room for Mike’s welcome address.  This was followed by a question and answer session where a whole host of questions were put to Mike, Carl, Bryan and Bob.

This was followed by Mike who took the lead in looking at the OpenInsight 10 Forms Designer.  This is a vastly different tool visually from what we have in version 9.4 and there is a wealth of new features.  I especially like the way that the properties are handled within the new panels.

Carl continued looking at the new forms designer and he also spoke about some of the many new functions that have been included and especially the greatly enhanced support for images and how these can be out to use in making our application look really nice, and across many screen resolutions as well.

To round off the afternoon, Bob Carten took us through how GIT has been integrated into OpenInsight 10 and he also spoke at some length about how Revelation have used the code management tools to better support the development team which is now spread over a wide area and crosses continents.  This presentation generated a lot of interest and questions from the floor.

This was followed by the last session of the day in which Bob and Kevin took a look at the new features and functionality the is being delivered right now through hthe UD 5.x  We loked at the benefits of the product, the management console and how network administrators can get a better view of their systems.  This highlight for, was watching Bob pull a cable on his ‘special; network’ and then to watch the UD recover the OI session.

The evening was spent in the gold club house.  Some people relaxed inside with a beer and a plate of refreshing food, and others ventured out onto the veranda to watch the sun drop into the horizon.

I had carried my filter around all week waiting for such a sunset, but tonight I was travelling light and all the gear was back in my room.  Nevertheless I headed down to the waters edge to try to get a reasonable shot of the setting run with some interesting branches and a bush at the waters edge – much to the amusement of my fellow conference mates who waved from the club house and later mentioned the alligator which had silently slipped into the lake earlier in the evening – thanks guys 😉

Anyway, a highly informative and very pleasant day  and I’m looking forward to more of the same tomorrow.  For now, I’ll be downloading the images from my camera and heading off to bed and to try to shift this d**n cold.




Let the party begin. #OI10Launch


This evening saw the start of this years Revelation Conference with a welcome and get together at the Fire Pit, just of the lobby of the Omni Hotel in Orlando.

Along with colleagues and old friends, we met some new faces and made new friends, we socialised and networked and made good use of the free bar and food available.  The whole Revelation team looked relaxed and excited about this conference during which we will learn more about OI10 and we will also get our hands on the alpha to experience the new tools for ourselves.

It is looking like being another great conference.