RevUK and Sprezzatura email down.

mail_server_errorPlease be advised that the email system for both Revelation Software UK and Sprezzatura is down today – 14th March 2019.

We understand that email sent to us is ‘not’ bouncing back to the sender and therefore people might not be aware that there is an issue.

The issue is with our third party email provider and a support incident has been raised.  However, at the time of writing, we do not have any details about the cause of the issue nor know when the issue will be resolved.

We will all respond to email as soon as the system is back up and running and we are receiving email again.

If you need us urgently please contact us on the usual office telephone numbers which are available from and

In the meantime, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Videoing your OI based application

IMG_1181I’ll be the first to admit that, the above image is not a very pretty sight, but this is where is all happens – the recording of my YouTube videos of course.

It is a hive of furious activity at the moment and I really cannot crank out these OpenInsight 10 (OI10) lessons quickly enough.

Anyway, a few people have been asking me what I use, how I prepare, what my workflow is and the like.  This has got me thinking and it builds on a conversation that I’ve been having with one of my UK VARs over recent months.

I am considering offering my skills to any Revelation Software VAR who needs to put together one or more videos for their OpenInsight based application.  This could be a short introduction video, a training video or three, or anything else that you need.  These would primarily be screen cast type videos, but we could consider personal videos (i.e. you in the video) if you prefer.  That said, this proposal is more about getting your application in front of people and having it on YouTube, Vimeo or wherever you prefer.

Video really is one of the first ports of call when people are researching and evaluating things and software is no exception.

So, if this is something that you might be interested in exploring please comment below, or drop me an email if you’d prefer to keep things offline.



Quick Catch Up

So, I’ve been quiet on the blog for a few days but I’ve been far from quiet in the office.  As well as the day job, I have been busy creating OpenInsight 10 (OI10) Lesson videos and there are currently ten lessons online.  I’m now getting into building forms, so now is a good time to head over to my new OI10 YouTube Channel, catch up on what I’ve been doing and also please remember to subscribe.

Subscribing and commenting lets me know that it is worth my time creating these videos and that people are finding them useful or not.  If you are a positive comment, a like and subscribe online would be welcome.  If not, please drop me an email explaining why and I’ll try to change before I get too much further into the series.

I am also pleased to feature the RevUS DBTA video from yesterday.  This is a video that features Mike Ruane, Bryan Shumsky and Bob Catalano (all from Revelation Software in the USA) all talking about the many “Features and Benefits of OpenInsight 10”.

In addition, and a first for my YouTube channels, I have a guest presenter.  Andrew from Sprezzatura worked on something for me recently and which will become a big time saver and another example of using the OI10 tool set, rather than cutting and maintaining code.  His video went live this afternoon on the channel.

Anyway, please like, subscribe and comment and help me to keep putting in the hours to get the series of lessons completed and, once that’s done, I’ll be looking for other OI related subjects, hints, tips and how-to’s to video.

The channel can be found here:

The Hyperlink Control in OI10

So, it was mentioned to me that I was using a static control to launch the pop-up in my video this morning.  Whereas, Andrew was using a Hyperlink Control to do the same.  So what’s the difference and why did I opt for the Static Control?

I’ve just uploaded a new video to show the difference between the two and to show why I preferred the static text control in my application – mainly for a little more control owing to the background colour scheme that I have been using in my windows – no other good reason.

I hope that you are finding these videos useful and I’ll welcome your comments, feedback and ideas for more snippet videos like this one.


Easter Weekend

Firstly, may I wish all of you celebrating Easter weekend a very good and safe weekend, especially if you are travelling – let’s hope that the weather stays kind to us.

The RevUK and Sprezzatura offices will be officially closed on Friday and Monday for the Public Bank Holiday weekend.  Normal service will resume on Tuesday 3rd April.

However, because we are so close to the OI10 release and because there is masses to do, some of us ‘might’ be monitoring email from time to time.  If you need us for any urgent technical issue that cannot wait until Tuesday morning, please be sure to email or and mark your subject line as ‘URGENT SUPPORT REQUEST’, rather than calling the office by phone.

Whilst I cannot guarantee a response, or even a quick response, this will be the best method to contact us over the weekend.

Many thanks,

Exciting times

Progress Bar

I am now at a point where my RevUK Contact Management Application can be deployed to Bill and Prashant in the office as read only and for testing.  I still have some parts to update and enhance, but deployment license keys have been supplied by Bob, I have the procedure document to follow, so wish me luck.

Here we go . . . . . .

Part 2 of SRP’s Web API Error Manangement

In Part 1 of this article, we reviewed the types of error conditions that can occur in web APIs and the basic methods available for handing these situations. As previously noted, developers are not confined to handling errors in only one manner. In this article we’ll look at the advantages of each error handler and propose a…

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Web API Error Management – Part 1

Despite the claims of our previous and accidentally released article from last Sunday, this will be our first “how to” article related to the SRP HTTP Framework. We’ll look at the different methods and circumstances for handling errors in your web APIs. Part 1 will focus on the mechanics of error management within OECGI based web applications.…

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OpenInsight LinearHash Service and High Server Memory Usage — SRP Update (Blog)

The rule of thumb when it comes to the Universal Driver’s LinearHash service and server performance is to have enough free physical RAM available on the server to fit all the commonly accessed OpenInsight database files (the LK and OV files managed by the LinearHash service) into memory. This article walks through the problems associated when requests…

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OI10 Update

didyouknowoi10As you would expect the recent Revelation Software conference was alive with everything OpenInsight 10 and, along with all of the new functionality, I was blown away with all of the new thinking and redesign of the toolset that is bound to make every developers workflow so much easier and faster.

I could fill this blog with month’s worth of articles exploring the new version of OpenInsight, but there is absolutely no point in reinventing the wheel and there are technical people doing a much better job than me.  Furthermore, the technical guys are a little more pragmatic and they don;t get caught up in the sales side of the topic.  I’ll therefore defer to:

Carl’s blog is made up of a number of articles that explore his part of developing the interface and the code changes that he has implemented.  This is a rich resource that is s must read for all OpenInsight developers.

Don at SRP has been blogging consistently since the conference and he is tackling specific subjects in some detail.

Andrew’s conference presentation was extremely well received, not least because it gave his audience a real world OpenInsight developers perspective of working with the Alpha that everyone went away with.  If you are planning on looking at the Alpha, then this is a must read blog article.

So what about the Alpha itself.  I had originally thought that it would only be available to conference attendees but following the way that it has been received, Revelation have now made it available to all OI WORKS subscribers via the WORKS area on

Armed with the Alpha and the OI10 resources linked above, this is the perfect time to take a look at what is coming in the beta in a few months time.  There is still a lot to be done, but now that Revelation are building OI10 in OI10, things are rushing forward at quite a pace and the official beta is now in sight.

I am still trying to find some time to take a slow walk through the Alpha but please drop me an email if you are not a WORKS Subscriber and would like to see the Alpha and to talk about what is coming.