SRP Controls – Updates released for OI10

SRPProductsThis is a quick note to highlight that SRP have just announced the release of their SRP Utilities and SRP ActiveX Controls for the new 64-bit-only OpenInsight platform.

Since OpenInsight 10 (OI10) was released, several of you have spoken to me about support for the SRP controls in OI10 and, as expected, Don and his team have delivered very quickly following the OI10 release.

SRP Embracing OI10

We recently announced that we were quite busy porting our products to run in the OpenInsight 10 64-bit platform. For various reasons, it made sense for us to start working on SRP Utilities rather than any of our visual (i.e., ActiveX) products. At this time we are pleased to announce the general availability of SRP…

via SRP Utilities 2.0 Beta — SRP Update (Blog)

It is great to learn of people embracing the OI10 beta program and there are alot of good people doing some great testing of the software.  Today I learned that SRP have gone one further and they are getting ready to roll out their SRP utilities in both 32-bit and 64-bit, the latter (I believe) being available for OI10 beta testers.

The link above will take you to their blog posting about the release.

The OI10 project is really hotting up now.

RUG and OI Training

OI10whiteI will shortly be writing to everyone that have, thus far, registered for the RUG and the OI10 Product Awareness Training with the venue details.  The interest in the OI10 training has been much better than I had expected and we are finalising details for a larger venue.

We now only have a handful of places left for the training, so please email me as soon as possible if you would like to grab one of the last remaining places.  Remember, this is a one off offer to get a head start on what OI10 has to offer and to better prepare yourself for the move to this new major release.

One or two people have asked me about future dates for the training.  We are taking advantage of having Mike over from the US for the week and Sprezzatura are releasing Carl for the training as well.  Any future dates will therefore form the usual one day RUG session with a quick overview of OpenInsight at that point and future direction.  For this reason, if you are unable to make this training session and you wish to take advantage of getting a head start with regards to OI10, I would advise you to watch out for details of the main Revelation Conference that is held in the USA.  That will be your next opportunity to bring yourself right up to speed on the toolset from the developers themselves.

Date for your Diary – 29th September 2015

OpenInsight 10 Login Screen

I am pleased to announce that Mike Ruane will be over from the USA for the week commencing 28th September 2015 and this will be a very special week for anyone working with OpenInsight in the EMEA region.

The week is still in the planning stage at the moment and I will be writing to my OpenInsight developers in the region shortly with more details.  However, we plan to hold our usual RUG meeting on the Tuesday morning (29th September 2015) and this will be followed by a very special OpenInsight 10 training session over the next couple of days (afternoon of the 29th and then all day on the 30th September and 1st October).

There was a mountain of information provided at the recent Revelation World Conference in Texas and I hope to share just a small overview of this information during the training sessions on offer.

The plan is therefore to hold the usual RUG meeting during the Tuesday morning, running up to lunchtime.  This will be a free to attend session and it will provide everyone with an opportunity to hear about how Revelation are doing, plans for the future, etc.  I also hope that Mike will provide us with a very brief overview of the OpenInsight 10 release.

Everyone will be welcome to have lunch with us at the conference centre and then we will change from the usual RUG schedule to begin a more in depth look at OpenInsight 10.  This afternoon session and the next two days (Wednesday and Thursday) will be given over to getting deeper into the forthcoming OpenInsight 10 release.  Both Mike and Carl will be on hand to take you through the massive changes to the API, the Presentation Layer and the Universal Driver, as well as Performance Enhancements, new System Admin Tools, etc. etc.  In addition, Mike will discuss the options for the conversion process and how you can have your data tables optimised as part of the process – getting to OpenInsight 10 is not a simple one click upgrade!!!

There will be a charge for the two and half day training session, but based on what I learned at the conference earlier this year, it will be well worth the expense and time.  If you are a professional OpenInsight developer, a professional MultiValue developer or you head up an OI or MV based development team, this is a three day event that you cannot afford to miss.

Granted, you could dive into the beta software or the full release when it is available, but the changes are wide and varied.  For example, Carl alone spoke for over four hours at the conference, covering the Form Designer and Presentation Layer changes.  Mike took the best part of three hours to run through the OpenInsight 10 overview and the conversion process and there were over 20 hours of facts, features, statistics, enhancements and more.

I therefore highly recommend that you consider this training session to make sure that you and your business is best prepared for the new version and that you can get the most from it for yourself, your business and more importantly your clients.

This is the most significant release since Revelation took OpenInsight into the 32-bit world.  Use this one time opportunity to get ahead of the game and be better prepared for this ground breaking OpenInsight release.

To register your interest in either the RUG or the training session (or both), please email  I am expecting the RUG  places to fill very quickly, so please don’t delay.

XP Support (to clarify my earlier posting)

Ahh – A hornet’s nest I see before me!!   Let’s give it a poke <g>.

This posting is in response to the valid comments posted to my blog posting entitled “Windows XP Support” and to clarify the reasons for that posting a little more.


Guys, you are of course correct and I knew that posting this direct from the official Revelation newsletter would provoke some clarification, and for that I am grateful.  However, the key question in this posting was whether your clients are aware of the issues?  At the risk of offending anyone, that point appears to have been missed by those of you commenting thus far.

This blog is read by both developers and users alike.  I think that all Revelation developers know the issues, risks and workarounds for ARev running on modern operating systems but the same is not necessarily true for end users.  Those organisations that have Revelation professionals on staff are relatively OK – so long as those Revelation professionals take control of the IT decision making process and actively avoid the potential issues befalling a lot of ARev systems right now.  I assume that you have put your necks on the block and taken ownership of your systems in such a way.

For those of you who do not wish to fall on your swords –

  1. How have you protected your clients against the potential and growing issues of running RevG and ARev on modern operating systems?
  2. How have you legislated against the Managing Director or another key decision maker deciding to purchase a wiz bang new 64-bit workstation?  Does he or she, really want to mess around with virtual machines, dual operating systems and the like – I don’t.
  3. How do you plan to support your ARev system for a sales team whose manager invests in the latest piece of technology to revolutionise his department, which demands 64-bit processing power and on which they blow next year’s budget on 64-bit machines.
  4. I could go on all day….

We cannot always take full control of our customers and demand what they will or will not use.  Often, sticking with legacy technologies will result in a loss of business because the legacy DOS system will be seen as the odd one out and the one causing the issue.

Could your business afford to lose your ARev system or your biggest client?  The Managing Director is never going to admit that buying a new 64-bit machine was his mistake.  The inevitable conversation is going to result in the ARev developer having made the mistake in not preparing for the inevitable move to a more modern technology.  Likewise for that sales manager who has big plans to modernise his sales team.

Failure to keep up with the times in IT often displays a lack of interest in the technology that has been written, a potential lack of interest in the developer’s client or their business in general and a perceived lack of willingness to keep up with the times and to invest in the future.  I know that this is not necessarily true and that many people love their old ARev systems and “if it isn’t not broke, don’t fix it”, but you can’t get away from the fact that things are only going to get harder.

Personally, I’m quite happy for people to carry on with their ARev systems.  It means that we can take each conversion project as they come along in dribs and drabs, rather than all at once.  As a salesman, it is also nice to have clients panicking (actually, I’m in two minds on that one) and opening cheque books with blank cheques because they are forced into doing something today because they need to work tomorrow.

This is a personal blog that consists of my views only and not necessarily those of Revelation Software.  However, I make no apology for using the official wording.  If I can encourage just one end user to think about the future of their ARev based system and to make a calculated decision in their own time, rather than a hurried, panicked and rushed decision, then my work is done and I will personally sleep more soundly.

I have tried to, and I believe that I have, given people good advice over the last 17 years.  My advice on this subject is to heed the warnings, modernise and make provision for your legacy RevG and ARev systems today.  Leaving it until tomorrow is inevitably going to result in a loss of business in one shape or another.  Maybe it’ll just be that next new sale as you are not GUI or can’t interface to something seamlessly, maybe it will be the loss of a key client to a competitor, or maybe (just maybe) it could sound the death bell for your business and your retirement fund.

Please, please , please if you are still using ARev please look beyond the technology and what you can ‘manage’ to make it run on – Think ahead of tomorrow and put a proper plan in place for your clients to safeguard their future and your own.  FWIW, we are seeing another increase in the number of conversions to ARev32, so more and more people are realising the growing risks and making provision for the future.

Please note that these are my personal comments and that they do not officially represent those of Revelation Software USA, Revelation Software UK or any other official Revelation channel.

Keep up with the OI 10 development phase

During the recent EMEA RUG meeting Mike and Carl covered the highlights of the forthcoming OpenInsight version 10 release.  This is a major development project that has been underway for some time and it is now really moving along.

Feedback from our OpenInsight developers (and MultiValue developers using the OI connector technology) will become more and more important as the project progresses.  However, how are you expected to feedback and contribute without detailed information about the release?

Well, Revelation have recently published a brand new blog entitled ‘Building OpenInsight 10’ and this will provide you with all the necessary information to enable you to keep up with the changes, enhancements and new features of this most exciting release.

Take a visit now and you’ll find out about two well used functions that have been deprecated in OpenInsight 10 ( I bet I have your attention now 😉 ) and also details of some new properties for the SYSTEM object.

Towards the bottom of the blog page you’ll see a link to ‘Follow’ the blog.  I would strongly urge you to register to receive emailed updates direct from the blog as they become available.

Thanks Rev, for a really great resource to help us all keep up with what’s happening to OpenInsight as we all move further into the 64-bit arena.


Development has started on OpenInsight (OI) 10.0 which will include a 32-bit and 64-bit implementation of the product. Licensing/Pricing for the 10.x series (32 & 64 bit) will remain the same as the 9.x series. OI 10.0 will include the following new components:

  • An embedded web server in the OEngineServer for use with the O4W_CHILD_FORM and O4W_STANDALONE_FORM.
  • A WYSIWYG O4W Form Designer.
  • Increased performance on 64-bit operating systems.
  • A browser-based Management Console (OI Console) is planned to include:
    – Database statistical dashboard
    – Indexing as a service
    – User management tools
    – Table resizing tools
    – Lock management
    – Remote control of other OpenInsight instances
    – SELECT management
    – Configuration record maintenance

Improvements to indexing (faster building/rebuilding).

Configuring OpenInsight 9.x for 64 bit Machines

In order to run OpenInsight version 9.x on 64-bit versions of Windows, some additional configuration of the default OpenInsight needs to be addressed.  These changes should be made only following a successful installation of OpenInsight.  The guidelines assume that you have a fresh installation of 64-bit Windows (not one of the Home editions) and also a fresh installation of OpenInsight version 9.0 or later. Depending on your chosen User Account Control settings in Windows, these may not all apply to you.

  • 32-Bit Java Runtime
    O4W and CTO both require a Java run time to run.  For compatibility reasons, you should download and install the latest 32-bit which is available from JRE (Java Runtime Environment).
  • Alternative Registry Location
    As well as the operating system’s usual 64-bit registry entries, 64-bit Windows also maintains a separate list of 32-bit registry keys for the purposes of maintaining compatibility with 32-bit applications.  As far as OpenInsight is concerned, these 32-bit registry settings are maintained under the ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\RevSoft’ registry branch and all registry changes for OpenInsight should be completed under this branch.The registry settings for SYSPROG are:

    The registry is not an area that should be played with lightly and for this reason Revelation have created an updated registry file to assist in the configuration of OECGI2.  The file can be downloaded from the main Revelation web site at$FILE/oecgi2%20vista64.reg. This file should be used in place of the OECGI2.reg that ships with OpenInsight 9.0.

Please also be sure to review and follow the OpenInsight 9.0 Workstation Installation Notes that now apply to the installation of OpenInsight on all versions of Windows.