IIS, O4W & Server 2008

The O4W Quick Start Guide is the place to begin your O4W journey.  It includes details of configuring Internet Information Services (IIS) on a developer’s workstation (laptop, or whatever) for the running and development of a web system using O4W.

Revelation have also published a knowledge base article on configuring IIS on a Windows 2008 server for use with O4W.  This document will be hugely useful for anyone looking to deploy their O4w application to a live production web server.

The full article can be found by Clicking Here.

European Payroll Software Provider Expands with Revelation Software’s OpenInsight for Web


With the myriad of constantly changing tax rules, dealing with payroll deductions and tax payments can be a time-consuming and costly endeavour. To get this onerous job done efficiently and cost-effectively, many businesses utilize payroll software specialists that provide tools to support their in-house staff. For Ardbrook, a Dublin, Ireland-based software provider of payroll software, Revelation Software’s OpenInsight provides the agility necessary to adjust its payroll product features to address emerging market requirements. The recent introduction of OpenInsight for Web has also enabled Ardbrook to provide its software as a service online.

Written by Joyce Wells, the full story can be found in the October 2013 issue of Database Trends and Applications features an article entitled European Payroll Software Provider Expands with Revelation Software’s OpenInsight for Web and it is linked on the Revelation website here.

A new O4W related blog goes live

Check out David Sigafoos’ blog on his Adventures in Revelation’s O4W

Following his trip to the Revelation Conference, David has been encouraged to emerse himself in the world of O4W and I’m really pleased to note that he has decided to blog his journey for us to follow, learn and share in his achievements.

David says, “With this blog I hope to show the care and feeding of O4W from OpenInsight.  Knowledge of OpenInsight will be very helpful to follow along … and if you
are already very knowledgeable in O4W you might just pass this by.  I will be learning O4W 2.0 along the way … warts, mistakes and all.  Although I have done web page programming with PHP with connections to MySql and OpenInsight data I do not pretend to be a web designer by any means.  This will be more a how to setup and get some stuff done. Hopefully for the uninitiated and those that couldn’t get to the conference.

Please  Click Here to visit David’s blog and please subscribe to one of the RSS feeds to keep up to date with his journey.

#RevCon13 – Final Day and it’s O4W

Revelation Software 2013 Conference LogoThis morning the Revelation Software 2013 conference schedule will be dedicated to the amazing (OK, I’m more that a little biased) O4W.  This easy to use web technology has proved to, yet again, be a highlight of the conference and it will feature highly on the ‘must find out more’ lists of those developers and users that have made it to Nashville for the conference.

Following on the training session earlier in the week, Bob Catalano and Bryan Shumsky will dedicate this morning’s session to Building Mobile Applications with O4W.

In this three hour training session, Bryan will build on what developers learned at the O4W Programming Practices session earlier this week and attendees will learn the specific design considerations and techniques needed to create mobile web applications using O4W.  Basic+ programming experience and familiarity with the powerful O4W APIs is recommended for this session.

With mobile applications becoming more and more important to businesses and individuals, this will be one hot, HOT, topic to close out the technciual side of this years highly educational conference.

#RevCon13 – Revelation X & High Availability

Revelation Software 2013 Conference LogoOK, so we all know that OpenInsight has high availability inherently built in but it is interesting to bring the two initial session titles together in such a way.

With the opening addresses now done and dusted, the conference is getting down to the technical side of the proceedings and one of the main and many reasons why OpenInsight developers from all over the world have taken the time to be in Nashville this week.

Carl Pates (Sprezzatura) and Jared Bratu (Revelation) go head to head in this first breakout session. Carl will be talking about Revelation X (OpenInsight 10) and Jared will be taking on the topic of High Availability, Network Design for O4W websites.

Revelation X
Carl Pates (Sprezzatura)
Those of you following the “Building OpenInsight 10” blog will know that the next generation of OpenInsight is well on its way. During this first public presentation about this new and exciting version of our toolset, Carl will be demonstrating some of the new features and enhancements to the Presentation Server. Those people attending his talk will finally get to see that the enhancements shown on the blog are really REAL and not faked as vapourware in Photoshop!

During his talk Carl will touch on topics that will include: The New Graphics Engine, New Controls, New Tools, What’s changed (and why) and what is yet to come.

Attendees to Carl’s talk will be encouraged to offer suggestions for further enhancements for features that they would like to see in the toolset from version 10 onwards.

High Availability: Network Design for O4W Websites
Jared Bratu (Revelation Software)
Going up against Carl and such an exciting presentation as his on version 10 will be no mean feat. However, with more and more O4W based solutions going live and into the cloud, web, internet (whatever you wish to call it today), this is sure to be another popular breakout session with the attendees.

Taking on the form of a tutorial, Jared will educate his audience on the implementation of a high availability website cluster and frontend proxy server for O4W websites. Attendees will learn how to identify key items of the cluster configuration for integration with an existing site. Jaren will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of moving the OEngine server service off of the database server and scaling it onto multiple webservers. Attendees will leave this session with valuable PowerShell scripts that will enable attendees to deploy configurations across multiple servers.

Regardless of whether you need to scale your website or you just want to understand some options that are available for the future, attendees will find out how an Open Source front-end proxy server can add capacity without making any code changes. Attendees will also gain knowledge of Open Source tools that are available to help to test a site’s capacity and then to benchmark any changes made to the site.

If you have ever wondered how many users your site can support (a question that I am asked during just about every pre-sales O4W discussion), how it can scale to support more visitors, or you are looking for improved site reliability, then you will definitely benefit from this session and walk away with knowledge that is certain to get you started on the right path.

With a schedule like that, I can see many delegates hovering outside both doors pondering which session is the must see. For me, well I’d sit in on one with a stethoscope to the wall listening to the other – they are both just too good to miss.