OpenInsight 9.3 goes into beta.

Overnight Revelation have released the beta for the latest release of OpenInsight – Version 9.3.  If you have already registered for the beta program, you should have received an email from Mike overnight with details of how to get the beta download and the bug tracker to report your findings.  If not, please drop me an email and I’ll arrange for you to be added to the beta program as soon as possible.  Please also contact me if you are not a current WORKS subscriber but you need access to the beta software for any reason.

Call for OI 9.3 beta testers.

As you will no doubt already know, Revelation Software are gearing up for the release of the next version of OpenInsight – OI version 9.3.

This new version will include many new and improved features, not least a new Banded Report Writer (that is set to blow your socks off (my personal opinion)), O4W mobile extensions and Data Encryption at Rest DER. Support for DER is especially timely as it is something that no modern business application should be without and it is becoming a mandatory requirement in many systems and (I understand) a legal requirement for most database systems in the US from early 2012.

It is for these reasons that I anticipate a high level of interest in the beta from our WORKS members around the world.  Mike has recently made a call for beta testers on the WORKS forum and I would urge you to drop him an email to get yourself included on the initial 9.3 beta cycle.  This is your perfect opportunity to ensure that these new features work with your application so that you can take advantage of them with little effort or change to your application.  It is also your opportunity to provide Revelation with your thoughts, concerns and issues with regards to the 9.3 release before it becomes a locked down commercial release.

The 9.3 Beta program will be available to all OI WORKS subscribers.  Please visit the OI WORKS discussion forum for details of Mike’s invitation and for a link to him email address to apply.  Please contact me if you are not a current WORKS subscriber and you need access to the beta program to test one or more of these new features.

In Development (OI 9.3)

The next release of OpenInsight for Web (O4W) is scheduled to include additional support for mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.  These additional features will be implemented as a series of additional API’s that can be used in building O4W stored procedures.  Using JQUERY MOBILE, the companion library to O4W’s jQuery, web pages can be built that follow the design styling that is now becoming the standard on smaller devices.

O4W gains more interest!

RevUS saw an enormous amount of interest in O4W whilst at International Spectrum a few weeks ago and following discussion with Martin from Ladybridge Systems, Revelation are now planning to expand the MultiValue Data Connectors to support Martin’s QM database.

Following completion of the O4W Quick Start Guide video series, I am now deep into my first real world example of an O4W application.  This is a proof of concept for a client in Ireland and it will involve a menu system, a couple of simple data entry windows (using to O4W wizards), and more complex window via an OIPI report and (hopefully) an even more complex window built in Basic+.  This project is proving to me just how good O4W is for both developers wishing to create quick web interfaces to their MultiValue systems and also power users like me.

Please watch or subscribe to this blog to hear more about these two exciting projects as details become available.

New BRW for OpenInsight 9.3

Screen shot of the OpenInsight 9.3 Banded Report Writer
OI9.3 Banded Report Writer

I am sorry for being more than a little quiet on the blog recently.  Whilst it could be perceived that things are quiet at Revelation, that is far from the truth.  I have spoken with many of you, but for those readers that I have not yet caught up with, the reason for this quiet period is due to the passing of two close family members and I am heavily engaged in arrangements and the legalities that come with such events.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know about a new feature that is well underway for the forthcoming OpenInsight 9.3 release.  Whilst we are still some way from the beta phase, Mike took a few minutes out of his schedule to run through the new Banded Report Writer (BRW) that will ship with the new version.

With an Office 2007 look and feel, drag and drop, support for images, intuitive report design pad and property panel, the new BRW is super easy to use and it really looks the part.  Along with the properties panel tab, the tool also features two additional tabs to display field information and also thumb nails of report pages.

Putting together a nice looking banded report with headers and footers took Mike just a couple of minutes.  Furthermore, whilst it is currently known as the BRW, there are several layout options that also enables it to handle normal column based reports with ease – in my opinion, this tool is set to double as both a Banded Report Writer and a Column Based Report Writer.  There are also several output formats to provide developers and users with plenty of flexibility.

I have not yet got my hands on the new BRW, but when I do you can be sure that a video demo will be following pretty quickly.