>O4W Examples Application Online.


Following my recent posting about the OpenInsight 9.2 Evaluation Edition being available, several of you have asked for the O4W Quick Start Guide application to be hosted on the web. This has now been done and you can get to the O4W examples application at http://tinyurl.com/37wvmsv.

The current version includes an example of a Customer Entry Form, an Order Report and a Sales Dashboard. This provides you with the opportunity to view the application before downloading the OpenInsight 9.2 evaluation edition (or upgrade if you are a WORKS subscriber) and running through the O4W Quick Start guide yourself.

>S/List Patch for OpenInsight 9.x


My colleagues at Sprezzatura have just uncovered a small issue with S/List whilst running under OpenInsight version 9.x. With SYSENV CFG_OIPI set to VSPRINTER 2 (the OIPI.NET option in OpenInsight 9.x), the preview generated by S/List can terminate after only ‘printing’ the headings. All other direct output (printer, .csv, etc.) works fine.

With the VSPRINTER option set, everything within S/List under OpenInsight version 9.x runs fine.

The issue was traced to a piece of code that was set to do a GET_PROPERTY from VSPRINTER if the OpenInsight release is greater than OpenInsight 4.1.3. Support for the VSPRINTER2 logic has now been included via a minor change to the offending program and it is currently released in a patch – the full installation will be amended shortly.

Current S/List users (both Designer and Viewer users) can download the patch from www.sprezzatura.com

>Input controls in an OIPI report.


One of the new features of OIPI.Net is the ability to define input controls (textboxes, radio buttons, etc.) that are created on the form and allow user interaction. The additional Set_Printer messages are INPUT_TEXTBOX, INPUT_RADIOBUTTON, INPUT_CHECKBOX, and INPUT_COMBOBOX.

Below is a sample code snippet:

0001 DefaultValue = “LastName,FirstName”
0002 toolTip = “Enter the last and first name”
0003 xPos = 0
0004 yPos = 3.5
0005 posn = “”
0006 posn<1> = xPos
0007 posn<2> = yPos
0008 x = Set_Printer(“INPUT_TEXTBOX”, DefaultValue, toolTip, posn)

In addition, did you know that you can now configure the use of OIPI versus OIPI.Net by application, and not just globally. Specific control records can be created in the SYSENV table to fine-tune the control of OIPI.

OpenInsight first looks for:
and lastly

It is then possible to have users of application “ABC” using OIPI, while everyone else uses OIPI.Net or vice versa.

Field 1 of each control record should be either VSPRINTER for OIPI or VSPRINTER2 for OIPI.Net