RUG and OI10 Training – Why

As many of you will know, I was in two minds whether to host the recent OpenInsight (OI) 10 Product Awareness Training.  Furthermore, I heard a number of comments about the validity of hosting the event based on OI10 not being ready for a few more months.

However, given what I learned at the last RevUS Conference and the amount of change that is coming, I decided to blindly carry on with my plans.  The new version can be used to make developers more productive, help new developers to become comfortable with the new version more quickly and the benefits to end users on screen and under the hood.  This was way too much to leave for people to work through when the release hits our desks and I wanted to give developers the opportunity to get a good head start.

The three day event was therefore scheduled to host the normal Revelation User Group (RUG) in the morning and then we would get into the OI10 release in more detail over the next two and a half days.

Mike and Carl did an amazing job as usual and despite working with live and moving code for the demonstrations, the event went very well and the feedback has been very welcome.

To sum things up, I came into work this morning to find an email from Bill North which made the event all the more worthwhile.  Like many OI developers around the world, Bill has been following the OI10 blog and he thought that he had a fairly good idea of what the new version is all about.  However, as he says:

“Even though I had been following the OI10 blog, I was amazed by the amount of changes and enhancements being introduced in OI 10.  So I am looking forward to getting my hands on OI 10 too!”

I guess that you can say that the event was very worthwhile.  I would like to therefore thank Carl and Mike for taking the time out of their busy schedules, to Prashant  for all of the planning and logistics and for Andrew covering for me on Wednesday evening when everyone went out to dinner.  Also, to everyone that took the time to come to London for the event and to raise their awareness about the biggest OI release – probably ever.

If you have the chance to attend another of these events somewhere in the world or the main US conference in March, I can highly recommend them to you.

London RUG 2015

This week has seen Mike over from the US for our annual get together with some of our VARs from around the UK and Europe.  Much of Tuesday was given over to Mike to talk about where Revelation is currently and the future plans for the company and OpenInsight more specifically.

It will be no surprise to learn that everything is going into the OI10 release at the moment and the toolset has come a long way since I last saw it in Houston earlier this year.  There is still a fair amount to do before we will get our hands on a beta, but it is definitely looking good.

Mike also took the opportunity to talk a little about mobile computing and Revelation will continue to support these devices and environments.  There is a real mix of OpenInsight versions being used in the room, from back to 7.2.2 and right up to 9.4.  However, I was still surprised to find that most of the guys are still running and developing desktop based systems, with little being done on the web and mobile.  We are often behind the US, so I can see the move to mobile happening very soon and I know that we’ll get busy with O4W and OECGI help requests.

We now have some big names using O4W based systems and I learned of yet another big internet name which we hope to be adding to the list shortly.  Working with our VAR and these big names has led to better support for all manner of things, including single sign on, encryption and heavy penetration testing has resulted in a secure and very stable product.  With the design enhancements in O4W’s forms designer, things will take another big jump in OI10.

Wednesday and today have been given over to getting much more into the innovations and enhancements.  These seem even more wide ranging than I remember from the main conference and I am really pleased to be hosting this event to better prepare the attendees of the OI10 Product Awareness Training.  I hesitated earlier this year because we are still a little way off of a beta but we have learned a lot, people are more aware and prepared and I already have had discussions with a few of the guys who have projects lined up for OI10.

There really is a huge amount of benefits for both developers and end users and I would recommend that OpenInsight developers try to get along to similar events that Mike might hold over the coming weeks and months leading up to conference.  These events are a massive opportunity to discuss your needs and problems with the toolset and we already have a growing list of things that the attendees would like in OI10 and some will be pushed to 10.1.  Thank you to everyone here this week for your ideas and useful comments on the forthcoming version.

For us here in Europe, our next opportunity to learn more about OI10, will be the main Revelation conference early in 2016 or when the beta software is finally released.

All I can say is the wait will be well worth it.

OI10 Panels and Relationships

As someone that likes user interfaces to look nice, I am loving the new support for panels in OpenInsight 10.  Carl has just explained how they are used in the new IDE and how a group of controls can be grouped onto panels with proper parent child relationships.  Better still, he’s showed how a form with three controls (static, toolbar and single panel) can be used to drive a dynamic user interface that is really smart.

Earlier Mike discussed the conversion process, what is involved and details about how the tables are optimised ‘IF’ you decide to take the copy option.  As usual with OpenInsight, as a developer, you remain in control and we have options for you during the conversion process.  More useful OI10 insights for the attendees.

I think that I’ll be spending quite some time working through the accompanying course paperwork that Mike has written specifically for the course.  Sitting at the back of the room, I see a couple of attendees with the doc already open on their screens,

There is even more to OI10 than I remembered and I’ll be looking at putting some videos together when I get my hands on the beta.

RUG and OI Training

OI10whiteI will shortly be writing to everyone that have, thus far, registered for the RUG and the OI10 Product Awareness Training with the venue details.  The interest in the OI10 training has been much better than I had expected and we are finalising details for a larger venue.

We now only have a handful of places left for the training, so please email me as soon as possible if you would like to grab one of the last remaining places.  Remember, this is a one off offer to get a head start on what OI10 has to offer and to better prepare yourself for the move to this new major release.

One or two people have asked me about future dates for the training.  We are taking advantage of having Mike over from the US for the week and Sprezzatura are releasing Carl for the training as well.  Any future dates will therefore form the usual one day RUG session with a quick overview of OpenInsight at that point and future direction.  For this reason, if you are unable to make this training session and you wish to take advantage of getting a head start with regards to OI10, I would advise you to watch out for details of the main Revelation Conference that is held in the USA.  That will be your next opportunity to bring yourself right up to speed on the toolset from the developers themselves.

Date for your Diary – 29th September 2015

OpenInsight 10 Login Screen

I am pleased to announce that Mike Ruane will be over from the USA for the week commencing 28th September 2015 and this will be a very special week for anyone working with OpenInsight in the EMEA region.

The week is still in the planning stage at the moment and I will be writing to my OpenInsight developers in the region shortly with more details.  However, we plan to hold our usual RUG meeting on the Tuesday morning (29th September 2015) and this will be followed by a very special OpenInsight 10 training session over the next couple of days (afternoon of the 29th and then all day on the 30th September and 1st October).

There was a mountain of information provided at the recent Revelation World Conference in Texas and I hope to share just a small overview of this information during the training sessions on offer.

The plan is therefore to hold the usual RUG meeting during the Tuesday morning, running up to lunchtime.  This will be a free to attend session and it will provide everyone with an opportunity to hear about how Revelation are doing, plans for the future, etc.  I also hope that Mike will provide us with a very brief overview of the OpenInsight 10 release.

Everyone will be welcome to have lunch with us at the conference centre and then we will change from the usual RUG schedule to begin a more in depth look at OpenInsight 10.  This afternoon session and the next two days (Wednesday and Thursday) will be given over to getting deeper into the forthcoming OpenInsight 10 release.  Both Mike and Carl will be on hand to take you through the massive changes to the API, the Presentation Layer and the Universal Driver, as well as Performance Enhancements, new System Admin Tools, etc. etc.  In addition, Mike will discuss the options for the conversion process and how you can have your data tables optimised as part of the process – getting to OpenInsight 10 is not a simple one click upgrade!!!

There will be a charge for the two and half day training session, but based on what I learned at the conference earlier this year, it will be well worth the expense and time.  If you are a professional OpenInsight developer, a professional MultiValue developer or you head up an OI or MV based development team, this is a three day event that you cannot afford to miss.

Granted, you could dive into the beta software or the full release when it is available, but the changes are wide and varied.  For example, Carl alone spoke for over four hours at the conference, covering the Form Designer and Presentation Layer changes.  Mike took the best part of three hours to run through the OpenInsight 10 overview and the conversion process and there were over 20 hours of facts, features, statistics, enhancements and more.

I therefore highly recommend that you consider this training session to make sure that you and your business is best prepared for the new version and that you can get the most from it for yourself, your business and more importantly your clients.

This is the most significant release since Revelation took OpenInsight into the 32-bit world.  Use this one time opportunity to get ahead of the game and be better prepared for this ground breaking OpenInsight release.

To register your interest in either the RUG or the training session (or both), please email  I am expecting the RUG  places to fill very quickly, so please don’t delay.

RevUK RUG Write-up

2014 RUG Meeting
2014 RUG Meeting

Elkie from Prospectus IT Recruitment has written a wonderful write up of the recent RUG in Ealing.  Rather than trying to write an equally good report, I thought that I would simply link to her report from here.

If you are interested in what was shared with the RUG attendees, please click here for Elkie’s report.

Also, some people have already requested some photographs from the RUG meeting.  If you want to view them, they are on my M4Photo website and linked from the home page.

Photos and more about the RUG meeting earlier this week.

2014 RUG Meeting
2014 RUG Meeting

The copyright free RUG photographs are no available on

From my point of view Tuesday’s RUG was an amazing success and judging by some of the comments that I have received by email from people who took the time to join us in London, I am not alone in that thought.

As always the day was packed with information (mostly relating to the forthcoming OpenInsight 10) and the official write-up will follow shortly.  For those that can’t wait, the highlights were as per the published agenda.  Mike began the day with a state of the company presentation and he touched on our future direction.  He then dived into what we can expect from OpenInsight 10 and we also got to see as much of the visual side of the release that has been put together thus far – I think that those in the room were the very first to see the visuals in action outside of the company.  Many of the new features and enhancements had people scribbling notes from the off.

Whereas the floor is usual pretty quiet for an hour or so at our RUGs, this one proved to be different.  Questions, comments and suggestions seemed to come from the floor from within a few minutes and the continued right through till the end.

I put Peter Furlong from Ardbrook on the spot with regards to one of their recent projects and I was hugely grateful for a lovely nugget of information which he was able to share with the room.  Unfortunately, that nugget has to stay in the room for the moment, so you had to be there to benefit.

Aaron gave a short talk about a SQL to OI conversion that he is currently working on and Andrew ran through the options with regards to connectivity within OpenInsight – A popular presentation that added to the requests for copies of the presentations from the day.  These will be emailed out sometime next week once I have caught up.

Reservations for the RUG were higher than expected and we opted to take a larger room.  This enabled us to cater for the larger than anticipated numbers and I was pleased to see only three people drop out at the last minute.  The only down side was Mike having to battle with an auctioneer on a microphone in the adjoining room.  However, following a million pound + auction things went quiet and we got back to normal in the afternoon.

I’ll post the full write up when it is ready, but you can see photographs from the RUG on  Go to the home page and you’ll see a link to the Revelation Software gallery.  Attendees are welcome to digital copies of any of the images for publicity purposes – for your blogs, websites, newsletters, etc.

The collection of photographs include the busy room, developers making valuable new contacts, Alex in full flow regarding UTF8 support, Peter sharing his good news with us and more.  The later images were taken during our stay in Tenby during the road trip.  I was annoyed to have left my tripod at home, but the sunrise was spoiled by an overcast sky so all was not lost.

I hope that you enjoy the photographs and that you can join us at the next RUG which might be a little different from the usual venue and format – watch this space for further details.  It’ll be one that no EMEA region based OI developer will wish to miss.


Today is the Revelation User Group for the EMEA region. We have a full room, which was bigger than originally booked, with developers and users from the UK and around Europe.

Mike Ruane has set the scene for the day and outlined the huge number of changes coming in OpenInsight 10. Mike is now into the tools and looking at what we have now for the OI 10 release.

Usually, the room warms up immediately before the lunch break, but we are already receiving some great feedback from the floor. People here are already seeing the benefit of putting their needs direct to Mike and he is scribbling notes on a pad that is filling pages fast.

Later we’ll be hearing from Carl about the OI 10 presentation layer enhancements, or should I say sweeping changes, and the other guys from Sprezzatura. Andrew is going to cover connectivity and Aaron will be talking about a project that he is working on and which involves moving a client back from SQL to OI.

Personally I would like to thank Peter from Ardbrook for name dropping during the O4W slide. Unfortunately, the nugget of information has to stay in the room, but I saw some huge smiles around the room because it’ll help anyone selling and marketing an online application.

Things are getting busy, so I’ll leave this as the one and only posting from the RUG. You have to be here to really experience the positivity around OpenInsight 10. I guess that begs one question – if you are an OI developer or user in the EMEA region, why are you not here with us in London?

Watch the blog for some photographs from the RUG later in the week when I get back from my road trip with Mike.


Two dates for your diary.

Revelation software Conference 2015
Revelation software Conference 2015

If you are working with OpenInsight (as an end user or a developer) or one of the other leading MultiValue database technologies, you’ll want to know what is happening with OI 10.  The changes are going to be far reaching, they are going to revolutionise your interface and there will be something for end user, developers and anyone needing to get a little more from their Multivalue based system.

The first date for your diary is Tuesday 23rd September 2014.  RevUK will be hosting their next Revelation User Group (RUG) meeting at the Hilton Doubletree in Ealing, London.  The agenda will be largely about catching up on what has been going on at Revelation since we last met and mainly the forthcoming OpenInsight 10 release.  As always, this will be your ideal opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other OpenInsight developers and users and to put your questions and needs from the product direct to Mike Ruane (President and CEO of Revelation Software) who will be over from New Jersey, USA and also to the RevUK team.  Please email Martyn for further details and to register your place on this key Revelation EMEA event.

Whilst the RevUK RUG will be an update on the project thus far, the main event will be the main Revelation Software Users Conference.  This will be held on 24th to the 27th March 2015 and it will be hosted in Houston, Texas, USA.  The actual venue will be announced a little later, but please contact Martyn if you are in the EMEA region and you wish to register your interest in attending, or if you are in any other region.

The world conference will the optimal event to learn all about the new version of OpenInsight.  With Houston being OpenInsight 10’s official debut, there are bound to be highly informative  break out sessions for developers and end users that should enable you to claim this invaluable event against your training budget.

So, please put the following dates in your diary and avoid missing these two key dates in the Revelation EMEA calendar:

  • 23rd September 2014 – RevUK RUG Meeting, Ealing, London, UK.
  • 27th March 2015 – RevUS World Conference, Houston, Texas, USA.


RUG – Ealing, London – 25/09/2013

Revelation Software Ltd UK will be hosting their next annual Revelation User Group (RUG) meeting on Wednesday 25th September 2013 at the Hilton Doubletree Ealing, London.  This event is open to all Revelation developers and users, as well as developers of other supported MultiValue tools. As our premier event on the Revelation UK calendar we shall be including numerous benefits to you such as: FREE tuition, networking, insight into the highly anticipated launch of OpenInsight 10.0.

OpenInsight is one of the leading application development toolsets for building modern software solutions to run on desktop, web, mobile, virtual environments and more.  Tightly coupled with several MultiValue databases, as well as supporting SQL databases, OpenInsight provides developers with a powerful fully integrated toolset that frequently shortens development times and eases support for deployed systems.

This RUG will focus on Revelation Software, Inc. (current position and plans for the future).  We will take a look at the ground breaking version 10 release and what it will mean for your application (something not to miss if you are already using OpenInsight).

In addition, Mike Ruane (President and CEO of Revelation Software) will be holding a FREE hands-on O4W workshop.  Bring along your wireless laptop, a copy of OpenInsight 9.4, plug into our ‘class in a box’ network and server and experience the power of this leading MultiValue web development technology as Mike takes you through the product.

Places are limited by the room that we have booked for the day, so please contact to reserve your place before they all go – Please DON’T simply turn up on the day as you’ll be regretfully turned away.  With an agenda like this, places won’t be available for long. The day shall also include Tea/Coffee, Pastries for breakfast and a two course lunch.

Proposed Agenda (Subject to change without prior notice)

09.30 – 10.00  Arrival (Tea/Coffee/Pastries)
10.00 – 11.00  Company Update, OI 9.4 and plans for the future (MR)
11.00 – 11.15  Mid morning coffee break
11.15 – 12.45  OpenInsight 10 Project Update (CP)
13.00 – 14.00  Lunch
14.15 – 15.15  O4W Hands-On Workshop (MR)
15.15 – 15.30  Afternoon coffee break
15.30 – 16.30  O4W Hands-On Workshop (MR)

Please remember to bring your wireless enabled laptop for the O4W training workshop in the afternoon.

IMPORTANT- You will need to pre-register for this event as places are limited.