New Introduction to OpenInsight Training Course Format

With an increased and growing interest in OpenInsight application development, I am pleased to announce that RevSoft UK are now in a position to offer the Introduction to OpenInsight training course at a budget price.  This will provide anyone new to OpenInsight with an opportunity to gain some valuable product and application development knowledge usually within the tight training budgets that that many people are having to maintain at the moment.

Unlike our premium offering which is presented by a highly experienced OpenInsight application developer who can go off topic and get application specific, this budget level training course will closely following the published Introduction to OpenInsight course agenda in a classroom style setting.  Of course, our usual premium level training workshops are still available for those of you with specific requirements and who wish to undertake training within the context of your specific application or proposed project.

Please drop me a line if you are interested in registering your interest for the next Introduction to OpenInsight training course to be held in Ealing, London in a few weeks’ time.