My name is Martyn and I am the Business Development Manager for Revelation Software in the EMEA region.  This is my personal blog where I share news, stories and other (I hope) interesting information from the world of Revelation Software.

I hope that you find this blog useful and informative and I encourage you to share your comments through the blog and also with me via mp@revsoft.co.uk.  I will also be pleased to receive your suggestions for blog content and your own RevSoft based content that you might like to share with my readers.

Many thanks,

2 thoughts on “About

  1. owen morgan

    Hi Martyn,
    was wondering if you could advise me, i have recently started work at a software developer, im currently working on the support team, but i am very keen to start developing. i have a basic knowledge of programming, i have worked with Java. But i have no idea where to start with oinsight. I understand the code when i see it infront of me, i understand what it is doing, but i wouldnt know where to start to write my own proceidure. I would like to buy a book on learning coding with oinsight in my spare time, but it seems to be a lesser known language, could you advise me on how to get going? i have read that oinsight is based on BASIC, but i have also heard that it is based on VB4, or even C++. done of these seem to compile in System editor. Could you please advise??


    1. Hi Owen,

      Thanks for your message. Where in the world are you based? Either I’ll get back to you via email or forward your question to one of my colleagues in the USA or Australia as appropriate. I can be reached via martynphillips.tel.

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